The Legend of the Legendary Heroes #18 — Monsters… AWAAAAY!

November 4th, 2010


Seriously, Lyner? You’re trading in Ferris for Chompy?


I really don’t like almost any direction this episode went in, but let’s start with the most bizarre. Completely different artistic direction this week for any scene that involved more than talking heads. It was pretty much the same as what A-1 did with Birdy a lot. They said "screw it" to the artistic quality and overanimated sequences. It lets them be a little more expressive with action, but the downside is that it sacrifices consistency and any time it slows or even stops, you get sinfully ugly shots. I’m a big fan of consistency to begin with, but there was really no reason for this in the first place. They overanimated… Chompy slamming Lyner and Ferris into a wall, and being shot full of arrows. And… that’s why we had to shift into a different style?

As for the actual plot, after Ferris tracked Lyner down, Chompy attacked and then Lyner decided to run off with him since they’re both monsters and Sion would probably try to kill him anyway. This show needs an angle besides "Lyner is a monster… because we said so," but I’ve been saying that since… what… episode 3? Plus the fact that Chompy literally ate someone’s neck moments before his "You’re the same as me" speech. Lyner must be taking his Stupid pills. Or more likely, Bad Plot Contrivance pills. The other thing that severely irritates me is that they just dropped Milk, Luke, and Milan’s side of things entirely. Last time we saw them, one had kidnapped the other, while the third was strangling number one. Why see how that turned out when we can just vault days forward? I’m sure that they probably just went out for tea, braided each other’s hair, and gossiped about what boys they like anyway.




The search for Lyner begins.

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14 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • wilson191 says:

    Chompy looks a lot like Lelouch…and Ferris is not using her crappy armor anymore…Thank goodness…

  • Tylon says:

    Looking at the list of girls that are willing to be the partner of Lyner; Ferris, Kifa & Milk…
    WHY did he want to pick a guy?

    Poor Sion, it seems like he had won the battle with a great sacrifice…

  • Anon999 says:

    Holy shit, is this thing still going beyond 12 episodes?

  • RaiKitsune says:

    Lelouche and Lyner how great.

  • Yue says:

    Feels trivial to ask but; are the human eyes really the most often used body parts to manifest magic/occult/special abilities?

    Can’t character designers use, let’s say, use a glowing kidney perhaps? XD

    • X says:

      Ugh isnt it cuz its cool and who the hell would even want glowing kidneys lol.

      Yeah I was pissed that Ryner didnt take Ferris with him, hell the girl practically tried to grab him, but he still went with chompy lol. Oh well, he has TONS OF ISSUES after all, and can probably relate to chompy who is the embodiment of ISSUES. Anyways, I dont blame Ryner for going with him cuz he wanted to go away in the first place, and also he was probably curios when chompy said they had comrades like them where they belong.

  • RestlessDreams says:

    I actually really liked this episode. The animation was terrible though. UGH.
    The Alpha Stigma thing reminds me a little of Spiral with its “We are destined to go insane and slaugher folk! It is inevitable! Hurr.” But besides that at least we have some form of conflict now, with Ryner chosing to go with Chompy so he doesn’t have to worry about loosing the rag and accidently killing Ferris or Sion. I’m interested to see what the Alpha Stigma camp will be like, but I will miss the Ryner/Ferris dynamic.
    The flashback at the beginning (or the dream, whichever) was a little creepy, (the good kind) imagine waking up and overhearing you parents planning to kill you xD Nice…

  • OuterRem says:

    Wow, are you guys kidding me?

    Ferris is a dumb, abusive bitch. Why he hung around her for as long as he did beats the fuck outta me. Getting the fuck out of dodge is the best move Ryner has made since this series started. I was so tired of watching the same dumb routine between those two.

    Also, Tiir might eat people, but apparently neither he nor Ryner are classified as people, so shit, what’s the problem man?

  • FlameStrike says:

    Gah, you keep complaining that they don’t portray Ryner as a monster, but that’s the WHOLE POINT. The show is trying to tell us that Ryner is being unjustly lumped into the category of “monster” because of his eyes.

    In the history of that world, Alpha Stigma bearers have DEFINITELY gone Berserk and slaughtered many people. We aren’t show this in the anime, but we are shown that the characters have experienced this hence, all the “OMG ALPHA STIGMA!?” reactions they have. While we know that Ryner’s Alpha Stigma is special, and that he isn’t cursed to rampage and slaughter people, THE CHARACTERS DON’T KNOW THIS.

    Yes it’s unfair to treat Ryner that way, but there’s no other choice for the characters. It would be irrational for them to ignore hundreds of years of history around Alpha Stigma’s. For Ryner, he has to deal with constant fear of going on a rampage and killing everyone he knows. To him, he’s a Timebomb that’s not any better than Chompy.

    You need to actually look at the show before complaining about things that are by design.

    • Aroduc says:

      Yeah. Who cares about presentation? It’s best to completely ignore it. I too think that exposition that directly contradicts it is superior. All hail poor direction.

  • FlameStrike says:

    I didn’t say presentation was unimportant. I meant that the show is trying to tell us that Ryner’s NOT really a monster, but thanks to the society he lives in he’s forced into a position where “he just is” despite him being a good guy. His situation is unfair to him but he can’t do anything about it, that’s how the world is. He’s put on the same level as that chompy even though all he’d do is nap. Of course he’d be depressed.

    In other words, while the exposition that says Ryner is a monster contradicts his good deeds shown to us in the anime, but that’s by design. The anime is trying to build sympathy for Ryner by showing that even though he’s done nothing wrong, he’s still considered a monster by others, and they are justified too. From Ryner’s point of view, he could go LOL DEATH GOD MODE, killing Ferris, Sion, and a whole ton of innocents in the process. Going with Chompy eliminates this possibility.

    Although I too was hoping to see what happened to Milan. That feather bastard finally got his ass handed to him and the conclusion was completely skipped! Hopefully they’ll have a flashback or something instead of just showing us the aftermath next ep.

    • Aroduc says:

      My issue is that they’ve gone out of their way to show one thing while saying something else. For the entire show. All it would have taken is one Alpha Stigma user just suddenly going berserk and obliterating a town for no reason to make any of it fine, but even besides Lyner, they showed the kid only snapping when his family was slaughtered before him and still being able to be stopped. There’s no difference in their presentation of it between them and just some randomly powerful mage, and the show is crawling with the latter, most of which are insane sadists to begin with. They keep saying “Alpha Stigma users are the eeeeevilest” but showing that other people are far worse, and that’s my issue.

      • Zilla says:

        I think Chompy is supposed to be their solution to that, seeing as how his magic eyes also give him monster status; the key difference being, of course, that Chompy eats hordes of people and Ryner…naps. So they’re both “monsters”, but Chompy is actually a monster (albeit that Chompy isn’t an Alpha Stigma user and isn’t going berserk to eat people). Although I’m sure Chompy’s got a depressing history sitting in the wings that’ll make us like him.