The Legend of the Legendary Bureaucrats #21 — Crimson Tape

November 25th, 2010


Oh boy! Paperwork!


Yawn. Lyner and Sion spent most of this episode doing paperwork. That’s a poor beginning. The lion’s share of the rest was divided between Milk having a flashback to… wait for it… her parents and them letting people beat her, and Miran talking to a closed door while Sion goes a tad more insane than usual. It’s a step up from doing paperwork, but standing there and cackling while bathed in fire is still a step below Lyner’s father coming out of literally nowhere to stab him at the end. Oh yeah, and did I mention that there’s apparently possessed armor zombies putzing around in Gastark now? And Kiefer’s in jail (still in her cocktail dress though!) for being a Roland spy.

Also, Claugh now has a black guy’s arm.

Anybody else feel like they missed a memo with the plot somewhere?

We have about a month of episodes left, so they’re introducing about three or four new plot threads at the same time. That sounds like a great idea. I’m reiterating my prediction from last week that this show isn’t going to end so much as stop, and it’s probably going to be ugly. Focus, Zexcs. I realize that you have yet to do that with this show for its entire run, but come on. What was the point of showing us Milk’s past? Why did we need to see Lyner and Sion chumming it up while working on paperwork? Hell, the whole gollumesque "We wants to kill the Lyner!" "No! The Lyners is our friends!" would have worked better without any of that. You could have played up some lingering resentment from being rejected for somebody who eats babies instead of going full on pyromaniac insane. 

And you were still outeviled by some random dude with a knife. Great bloody work, Sion. 

FYI. I’m aware of the Nanoha movie. I’ll get to it when I can. I’m pretty sure that my parents would appreciate me driving up and spending at least part of Thanksgiving at their house and the bloody thing is over two hours long, so it may not be for a while.


Yet more on Alpha Stigma.

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  • bk47 says:

    lol you have not lived if you have not experienced the excitement of paperwork