The Flashbacks of the Flashback Heroes #19 — Meanwhile, In The Past

November 11th, 2010


Oh boy, things we’ve only seen fourteen times before.


A very poor episode for this show where absolutely nothing happened and it did it excrutiatingly slowly and laden with flashbacks. Tiia Chompy is protecting his very own orphanage of Children McNuggets, and Luke caught up to Lyner at the end. And that’s it for new and interesting things. I can’t take the Gastark drama seriously at all. First off, Sui had his arm chopped off… what… a month and a half ago? And they’re just now dredging him up again? And sure you didn’t leave anything out of your story about that monster Lyner doing this to you? Maybe that you were trying to kill one kid, and kidnapped some innocent kid to do that? Also that your arm was a dragon at the time? Sure, you were a psychopath in every previous scene, but now, totally trustworthy and noble. Give me a break.

There’s very little to nothing to say about the rest. Monsters live apart from humans, Sion feeling sorry for himself, Ferris searching for Lyner… and apparently finds him next week. That was quick. I did enjoy the Kiefer’s whining about being ‘forced’ to wear a dress since her clothes were hidden. I guess she did her hair, wore the cocktail gloves, and wore all the accessories too because hey, if you’re going to be forced into a dress, you may as well make sure that you properly accessorize. Maybe they’re load bearing cocktail gloves.



Action? In my flashback show?

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • bk47 says:

    “Action? In my flashback show?”
    no you are just hallucinating out of desperation

  • The Phantom says:

    Sigh.. and I used to think this was the best anime beign aired. Sooo the only interesting villain, mr-I-eat_men, is taking care of orphans? Am I the only one that finds that out of place? One episode he was a badass killing people, next one he is a scared and troubled orphan defender that is deadly afraid of mr-sparky-beasts?

    What a fucking way to ruin the mood Zexcs, cant he just keep killing people for no reason as he has been doing so far?

    This show need desperately more violence/blood/gore.