Overrun by DVD Specials #06 — Yarrrnya

November 28th, 2010


Now I have the urge to play La Pucelle again.

Samurai Girls will be out when it’s out. The broadcast was delayed by half an hour, so the change apparently threw things into chaos. I’m already annoyed enough that my precious schedule is in chaos.


Sigh. The last of the Overrun DVD specials. I think I enjoyed these twenty minutes more than the entire rest of the show. This one was a little more focused than the others, centering mostly around Takumi having a dream about being a castaway with Fumino, then attacked by a feral Chise mermaid and sunk by kitty pirate Nozomi. Then someone at AIC nudged the glare filter slightly too high. There were also nipples for the first time. That’s… suspicious. What are you up to, AIC? You skipped/censored them every other DVD special… but fire makes nipples appear? This doesn’t add up. No, sir… something about this doesn’t add up at all.

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