My Show Can’t Be This Mundane #09 — Digest VN

November 28th, 2010


If they set out to show a boring day, they succeeded!


Apparently the writers decided that last week’s "Kirino is now super famous and successful and awesome" episode was slightly too much so they scaled things back by having absolutely nothing happen this week. And if there’s one thing more exciting than watching people talk on the phone, it’s watching someone play a VN. I suppose the point was just supposed to be a bucketfull of Kirino fanservice. If she wasn’t human flotsam in every way, watching her scream and argue with a computer screen may have been simply irritating instead of a trial. I also question the reality of taking five seconds on each line and still finishing a VN in a single afternoon. By my math, that puts it somewhere in the ballpark of 5,000 lines long.

But don’t worry, they managed to fit in a phone conversation too. But wait! Hey look! Some oranges! Holy poor direction, Batman! Zoom in on them! That also went well with the "Kirino and the human doormat scream at walls" conversation shortly thereafter. And "Kuroneko slowly scrolls down a webpage." AIC isn’t even trying to animate this show anymore. They’ve clearly already got their check and have left the interns to do the work. I did enjoy Kuroneko’s magical vanishing apron though. How exactly did that work?


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26 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    D’awwwwwwww. Kuroneko’s little sister is adowable. Who couldn’t the show be about her instead?

  • Aldonaris says:

    So, Aroduc, can you tell me again why cover this and not Star Driver ? Because for all the flamboyant things, it´s a better show than Oreimo. Then again, what isn´t?

    • Kaisos says:

      Aroduc only covers bad shows. Haven’t the past three years made that obvious?

    • Aroduc says:

      Mecha’s not my bag, yo. Nor was Utena really, although I’m not sure how much of that was for the inane plot and how much was the godawful production and 5 minutes of stock footage per episode. I did watch it up to about episode 3 and just didn’t really feel much of anything for it other than it was trying really entirely too hard and not actually going anywhere. Hell, from what I’ve been catching through the grapevine, it still hasn’t really gone much of anywhere.

      Also, and more likely, it airs at around 1am my time. That hasn’t stopped me before, but it’s an annoying extra hassle to deal with. And hindsight’s 20/20.

  • antiarakawa says:

    This show is better than Arakawa and I am glad that show is not covered

  • Mesousa says:

    To Kaisos:

    He mostly blogs this one for the lolz. He’s mascally riffing it.

  • Dude says:

    Kuroneko’s imouto can’t be this cute.

  • alex says:

    This was actually a quite good episode – in OreImo standards. lol @ Kirino got mad about playing her own character. As I suspected the best thing is when Kirino and Kyosuke are separated. Ayase ♥ needs more Ayase no exceptions. I was hoping Ayase was sending death threads to Kyosuke – death threads from a yandere is the same as love letters :)

  • hikaricore says:

    Am I the only one who noticed we get to see Saori at home for the first time ever?
    They hid her face the whole time but that was definitely her with the maid outfits and servants.

    • alex says:

      I noticed, but the moment I noticed it was Saori it became uninteresting, I was hoping it would be Ayase

      • Solaris says:

        What’s all of this fuss for a secondary char like that Ayase? I mean she appeared 3 times at all in the whole serie, it’s clearly a third level char by now. Is there something i still don’t know about her?

      • alex says:

        What’s all of this fuss for a secondary char like that Saori ? I mean she appeared 3 times at all in the whole serie, it’s clearly a third level char by now. Is there something i still don’t know about her?

        I hope we’ll get more yandereness from Ayase…

      • Solaris says:

        Yes, there is …

    • NoSense says:

      Nope, it was actually the second time, with the first being her sitting in front of her monitor talking with “the human doormat” over the phone.
      It was the first time at Kuroneko’s home though.

  • Anonymous says:

    You have to admit those were some pretty amazing oranges.

  • Ymarsakar says:

    It’s kind of funny reading the comments here and comparing it to the other one.

    Solaris gets points on the prediction, nonetheless.

  • The Phantom says:

    This girl kirino annoys the hell out of me, why the hell is she always bitching around for every single thing? and her brother (what was his name again?) what pathetic excuse for a male lead, cant he do anything besides begging and silly faces? Grow some ball and beat the crap out of that girl, she deserves the beating, BADLY.

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s putting up with it because he wants to bang his sister.

      At least that’s the only logical conclusion I can reach.

    • alex says:

      “she deserves the beating, BADLY”

      she deserves to be raped, BADLY

  • `xxx says:

    Kuroneko just saves the half of their faces at that episodes…