My Little Sister Can’t Be Zzzzzzz #07 — Gibbering Twits

November 14th, 2010


To be fair, I want to see Kyousuke hit by a car too. For my novel? Yeah, sure. Whatever.


The one nice thing about the DST shift to these things being around the moment I wake up is that when episodes are boring as sin, I never really snap out of my sleep filled daze. The two most notable things about this episode were that the magical girl spoof contained about as many frames as the entire rest of the episode and the music being especially godawful by being recycled even more than usual. I would suggest that the musical director be thrown into traffic, but I suspect that they may already have been. Well, I suppose that Kirino turning into a gibbering halfwit tenthwit from hearing the crappy OP to her crappy show is also notable, but just goes to show that her biggest issue is probably her lack of a frontal lobe. Hm… That’d also explain her sociopathy too. The plot thickens.

Nothing else about this episode is really worth mentioning. It worse than being bad, it’s just plainly dull and tedious. This episode is back to a soulless copy and paste of words from the static novel onto static pictures while the animators nip off to the titty bar to do tequila shots off a Taiwanese boy. I actually prefer it when things are notably bad, it’s inspiring to say something… anything… about it then. At least then there’s a little life somewhere in this mess. I’m waiting for the big reveal at the end of the show that everybody was just a series of cardboard cutouts with slight hallucinations of motion while Kyousuke rocks back and forth in the mental asylum. But at least it’s not Arakawa. I guess. The gulf is narrowing every week.

And don’t ask me why there’s a Taiwanese boy at the titty bar. I don’t know either. Ask him.


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27 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    At least her nail polish this week is something that doesn’t make me revolt.

    That’s some improvement, right?

  • Mesousa says:

    Better than Arakawa, really?

    At least the characters aren’t as bitchy as here.

    The only characters that I find amusing (and likeable) in this show are Saori and Kuroneko.

  • Kaisos says:

    I haven’t seen anything to do with this show, but… did you just insult Satoru Kousaki, one of the best composers in anime today?

    Maybe he’s just focusing all his efforts on Star Driver or something…

    • Aroduc says:

      This show’s music is quite bad, so yeah. Sure. It’s been worse though. At least it didn’t break out techno from out of nowhere this week. Just recycled the same 8 bar riff for 4 minutes straight multiple times.

  • alex says:

    Still no Ayase :( that’s no fun a yandere makes everything better. She should at least send some sms death threads.

    So you say even Kuroneko couldn’t save this episode ?

    But if a boring show like Milky Homes can be popular among otakus…just put some lolis with extremely cheap fansevice…

    • Moogy says:

      >milky holmes

      perhaps you are watching the wrong milky holmes

      • alex says:

        “perhaps you are watching the wrong milky holmes”
        -unfortunately not, it’s just totally boring moe for lolicons – not even for them, there’s no fanservice

      • Solaris says:

        Oh yeah Alex, infact Oreimo is just free propaganda for lolicons, isn’t it?

        Where do you find another crap that tries so much to sell you that playing loli eroge is nothing wrong ’cause it’s so adorable kawaii and whoever interfered is an ignorant and stupid moralfag who’s against your passion and freedom? Even the press is fabricating evidence to dirty such a noble passion! Ugh… it just made me puke.

      • Aroduc says:

        But the other Milky Holmes has kick fighting!

      • alex says:

        what’s your point dude ?
        I don’t mind a show for lolicons as long it’s good, but MH is just total moe crap.
        If you think it’s a parody on moe, it’s not.

      • Solaris says:

        My point is just look where you’re posting before making such idiot comments. Cause i find the sentence “anime for lolicons” an idiocy and wanted to tell it by reflecting it back to you. Hope you’d understand it.

      • alex says:

        lol, looks like the right person is talking about idiocy…

      • Solaris says:

        >Hope you’d understand it.
        And, of course, he didn’t. Should i pity you now?

        Cause, I mean, if someone isn’t even able to get what crap he’s watching to, who gives you the right to speak? Do a favor to mankind and die (far from here).

    • Anise_Punter says:

      Milky Holmes has eight year olds being punched by bears. Where does boring fit into that? Are you sure you’re not watching the wrong stream or something?

  • Anise_Punter says:

    It seems like the writers have something against Nanoha and company in particular, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.

  • ~xxx says:

    probably because they are back to their regular routines…
    Or just I didn’t seen much of Manami in there?

  • alex says:

    The first part was quite OK and sometimes even funny – Kuroneko saved it.
    The 2nd part was just stupid – looks like Kirino lost it already (her mind)

  • Ein says:

    I seriously want that Maskera thing to be turned into an anime or manga. Well i can only dream..and I almost died during that Magical girl crap part. PPG looking characters and fanservice is just soo wrong.

  • Celestial says:


  • Ymarsakar says:

    “I seriously want that Maskera thing to be turned into an anime or manga.”

    The art design and other hints suggest to me it is a play on Code Geass. Clamp did the art design so they could be referring to another bishonen series.

    I think in general this Imouto series is targeted at people somewhere around 24-34 of age. Particularly those those males that have had little sisters.

    For action, shonen or otherwise, you’ll want the 10-18 age demographic target.