My Little Mecha Can’t Be This …What? #08 — Dream Crusher

November 21st, 2010


Well, at least they’re trying to animate the anime in the background.


I love how that the only way this show could manage to create sympathy for Kirino was to create a character turtleneck whose entire job was to scowl, look angry, and crush people’s dreams. "NOTHING YOU THINK MATTERS! EVERYTHING YOU DO SUCKS! YOU ARE FAT PIG!" You can tell that he’s extra evil because he can barely contain his rage when random fans tell him to respect the author’s work. But clearly he takes some joy out of it, otherwise he wouldn’t spend his time meeting with every single yahoo that wanders in off the streets. That only pales in comparison to how it was resolved though. Clearly, all he needed was for someone to make an impassioned plea about how it’d make the author sad. That’s how the anime industry works. All it really needs is someone’s brother to go in and whine and everything will be better. The mecha they were showing in the background is more realistic than this drivel. Also better animated. Why couldn’t we have been watching that instead? I don’t even like mecha.

Another exciting episode then, where the whole thing is spent in two rooms like statues for about 22 out of 24 minutes. I prefer the room that had random anime playing in the background. The other room was full of ranting, stupidity, dramatic music, and a turtleneck. Not just dramatic music though, dramatic music. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, whoever’s in charge of musical direction for this show should be put out of their misery before they decide to spew out more dramatic techno. Of course, the other room was also full of some kind of bizarre space time distortion. Either that, or AIC couldn’t quite remember to be consistent with the posters in the background because those things were moving around more than most of the characters. 

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Trope:BottleEpisode.

    Also, I second about watching the mecha anime. Kyousuke’s fucking head kept blocking the screen.

  • anon says:

    Let me guess. Kyousuke solves Kirino’s problem AGAIN, and she doesn’t show a lick of thanks AGAIN.

    Shit character is shit.

  • alex says:

    someone should get laid in that show or Ayase’d :)

    • Nanaya says:

      Careful what you wish for, out of curiosity I checked around on irc and there’s a disturbing amount of doujins covering that first comment (and a more disturbing number of people who could count them off).

  • RaiKitsune says:

    I want a school days ending.

  • Sheng Shi says:

    Am i the only one that feel that I have missed like 5-6 episodes!? The progress between the last episode and this is atrocious!

  • alex says:

    This ep. was quite OK. But I hate seeing Kyousuke to be an epic looser and how he started to beg them was the lowest of the low. At least Kuroneko’s speech was win.

    • Ymarsakar says:

      The regular negotiation tactic would be to suggest that they will have to cancel the project and shop around for another studio. That is what original material with “best seller” can do, after all. It’s not like some new author that has zero proof of demographic success and needs to appeal to the anime studio because they’re the only ones that want the source material. Plenty of other competitors that might go a full season or more given the material in question, if the current studio set believes different.

      However, that would be simply a bargaining position. If the studio gets their act together and stops being so hostile and counter-productive, then the brother won’t simply cancel it.

      If I was doing the episode plot directing, that would be how I would handle Kyousuke’s part. It would make him look good and close the deal on the anime. However, it would be inconsistent with Kyousuke’s character, unfortunately. As regular high school students simply do not know how to use that level of negotiation skill.

  • The Phantom says:

    I was so annoyed with this kirino girl talking nonstop, my gosh could someone shut her up? I dont even know what this anime is about, 8 episodes so far and this thing is not going anywhere.

  • encoje says:

    I agree with the feeling of missing a few episodes. I thought this anime started off cute enough. I like the way it looks. The jump from “I’m a closet geek” to “I’m getting my own tv show out of a cellphone novel” was too fast. I like this show, but I cannot defend it. It’s just pretty.