MM! #09 — Baka Bakka

November 26th, 2010


Irony is that I don’t even like Nadesico.


Mio is just not a well written enough character to be able to carry an episode, especially since every time she gets focus for any length of time, the consistency of her writing goes out the bloody window. Apparently being around cats is enough to reduce her to a helpless mewling wreck now. Frankly, her gluttony was more emotionally touching since it didn’t send the bile churning around in my gullet. The episode was distracted enough every five minutes without them clumsily trying to shoehorn in some kind of meaningless romantic overtures on the Mio side of things. Suddenly pretending like Tarou’s wearing the pants in their relationship instead of her is strange and confusing.

Things also weren’t helped much this week either by the introduction of a new character replete with her own share of bad cliches, yet another Kirino and the president of the Mio Fan Club. Yeah, I’m shocked that the brand new character is a part of the brand new cult. Was that even supposed to be a twist? She got about 90 seconds of intro before GADZOOKS, she has a whip, mask with a giant M, and is ready to whip Tarou for being and/or not being Mio’s boyfriend. Whatever. I doubt we’ll ever see her again. I’m shocked enough that they threw in the 2D-phile storekeeper just for a hug pillow/Ruri Hoshino joke. Yuuno and Tarou seem to be the only characters this show is able to handle decently and consistently and one of them spent the last episode alternately running around without pants and humping a crossdresser.


Mio vs Yuuno.

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15 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Gawl says:

    Sounds like you really don’t like Mio, hehe.

    I will admit, she doesn’t have the chemistry with Tarou that Arashiko has, but her interactions with our M champion are entertaining none the less. I thought this episode was good and agree that the development on the Mio end feels forced. The next episode is definitely going to be something else.

  • Chen says:

    Aroduc is a Yuudo shipper. It’s so obvious! :3

    • Gawl says:

      Nothing wrong with that, as all the characters are full of win in this show. I find it odd that the anime is jumping from novel to novel, in terms of content, in no real order. I guess that keeps the pace somewhat fresh, but makes me wonder where are they going to end the series.

      Though in terms of shipping, I don’t think Aroduc has anything to worry about.

  • Mesousa says:

    It’s not that Aroduc doesn’t like Mio, he just doesn’t like how she’s written.

  • EXM says:

    Maybe it’s because they’re jumping from novel to novel for Mio development that it feels forced. Yuuno development was in chronological order in the beginning at least.

  • Baka Baka says:

    >I don’t even like Nadesico.

    My opinion of you is now low.

  • Shinji103 says:

    Lol, Ruri actually appears in the eye catcher?


  • sage says:

    Mio vs Yuuno.




  • marvelous stan says:

    >I don’t even like Nadesico.

    Gasp. I’m off to my morass of bitter spite now.

  • alex says:

    The new opening, my heart stopped for a sec…BRS&Miku

    blushing tsundere…HNNNNNNNGH

  • Mesousa says:

    If I was Mio at the end, I would’ve punched Yuuno.

    It WAS her fault, anyways.

  • Jack says:

    Irony is that I don’t even like Nadesico.

    Thank God…I thought I was the only one.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yuuno is the only acceptable girl in the show anyway, a Mio focused episode doesnt deserve good writing nor direction!

  • The Phantom says:

    Mio fails, even for the generic taiga clone, I agree that Yuno is the only likeable girl of this show.