Maiden Demon Zakuro #09 — Shipping Wars Commence

November 29th, 2010


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m shocked by this episode’s twist.


This was a really shoddy episode that was practically made to create crappy misunderstandings and fabricate drama. People’s belief in kokkuri (think ancient Japanese ouija boards) caused it to create a spirit, and since most of the requests were about love, everybody decided that the best way to make the spirit disappear would be to fulfill its prediction of someone finding love. So then Zakuro freaks out when Kei tries to say that he loves her to the spirit, but then not 10 seconds later turns around and tells Hanadate that she loves him. Shortly after, they reveal that (shock!) Hanadate is indeed in league with the spider woman.

So… yeah. Painfully fabricated drama with a twist at the end that was obvious from the introduction of the crappy character. Did they really have to make it a plot point to have Zakuro lie about loving Hanadate? Really? Couldn’t think of anything else at all? I think it would have all worked out for the better if the bloody thing had just flown to Ganryuu when they asked who Kei liked. I find the change in Kei and Hotaru’s relationship to be much more interesting and better handled since both of their partners are acting like dicks at the moment. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that’s going anywhere intelligent, or likely, anywhere at all. Back to the normal pairings, stat!



Ganryuu x Kei 4 lyfe yo.

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  • Solaris says:

    Uhm maybe it was all for the sake to see how a little lie would upset Agemaki, or to know that Hanadate is actually interested in Zakuro, for what reason is (not so) a mistery.
    So all this episode is about a lie that’s not really a lie, as it’s obvioulsy perceived as it’s not a lie at all despite it looks like a lie that’s really is.
    All Clear? Isn’t it pretty clever? ;-)

  • demonic_apostle says:

    Ganryuu x Kei is my favorite pairing too! I vote for them!

  • Nanaya says:

    So crappy it deserved the extra ‘y’ up there.

    Am I the only one, or does anyone else find the twins the most entertaining part of this series?

  • Wilfriback says:

    At the end the episode is watchable(?) ?

  • Man, two shitty episodes in a row. Why couldn’t they have increased the twins screentime instead of this shit?

    Fucking DEEN.

    • Benigmatica says:

      Remember, it’s a J.C.Staff anime!

      It’s not like that J.C.Staff gobbled up Studio DEEN staff.

  • DmonHiro says:

    Oh no… I wonder who that guy with the mask on was…
    I’m totally in suspense…

  • Celestial says:


    ah, sore~