Maiden Demon Zakuro #08 — Traps 101

November 22nd, 2010


They clearly need a refresher course.


I’m trying to comprehend the bad guys’ plan this week. Let me see if I got it straight.

A.) Purchase house.
B.) Build series of aqueducts redirecting water to cellar.
C.) Wait for a day that looks like rain.
D.) Kidnap people.
E.) Throw them in the cellar.
F.) Assume that it’ll take about 5 minutes for the cellar to fill with rain.
G.) Gloat.
H.) Flee.

Did… Did they even bother to waterproof the dirt floor? Did anybody explain to them that a tiny staircase’s worth of water is not going to be enough to fill a cellar? That whole scene was so laughable that it surpassed anything Squid Girl managed today. They went from showing maybe a bathtub sized amount of water pressing on the door to Hotaru screaming about how they were going to drown in it. Plus, it’s rain. I don’t care how awesome an irrigation system you have built into your house. You are not going to fill an entire damn room in even an hour or two, let alone like, 10 minutes. This is the kind of trap I’d expect Adam West’s Batman to have to escape after the Mad Mumbler threw him in there, and he’d use Bat Water-Dissolving Water to do it.

Oh yeah, the rest of the episode. It was okay I suppose. I’m a little disappointed that they seem to be building up the spider woman to be a major antagonist. I can’t take any villain seriously who was nearly cut in half in her debut. Giving the other main baddie magical deus ex cancer to interrupt fights at random is also an irritating and obtrusive plot device. It looks like the antagonists are just going to be half demons raised by a demon that hates them too, so they resent happiness. So much for the previous theme of Westernization. It was nice while it lasted. I guess the moment between Kei and Zakuro was decent, but since they happen every single episode, it felt more obligatory than touching. JCStaff really needs to pace those better instead of just checking off one moment per week. Oh wait, Chiaki Kon’s the director. This may be as good as it gets.


Why is everything white now?

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    “Bat Water-Dissolving Water?”

    So, antiwater? Or dry water? I’m more interested in this than the synopsis >_>

  • Yeah, whole trap plan was WTF?

    But the Les Yay at the end kinda made up for it.

    Too bad about the lack of twins in this episode :(

  • Solaris says:

    I’m happy you like Zakuro too. Zakuro needs so much love, poor nekomimi-ko as everybody else is so damn busy with the bitch Kirino out there.

  • Celestial says:

    Randomly bad pacing

    randomly static animation

    randomly overdramatic forced scenes

    random dere

    random boobie covers