Maiden Demon Zakuro #05 — I Like Big Balls

November 1st, 2010


Cliffhangers ahoy.

Squid Girl may have to wait until after class depending on how fast I can process it. That’ll be standard operating procedure from here out anyway since Daylight Savings is effectively pushing back the broadcast of every show an hour starting Sunday.


A very solid episode even if they didn’t really cover a whole ton of ground. I’ not thrilled that they decided to leave off on a number of cliffhangers of varying importance though. First off was Ganryuu freaking out and running off in the aftermath of Bonbori getting savaged by the spider. Then we have Hotaru’s reading of one of the baddies which I’m sure they’ll feel the need to go over again later. Third, Hanadate wandering off with the spider in the first place is all kinds of suspicious. Fourth, and the cliffhanger that actually ended the episode, a lot of bluster about Zakuro’s past and her freaking out about some secret. So basically, there’s a lot of bluster but nothing was actually revealed with only the promise of peope looking angsty and moping in the future. I’m also slightly curious as to what happened with the person Zakuro was fighting before the face stabbing. They just kind of dropped that. Maybe they were hoping nobody would notice.

Overall though, it was a good episode and definitely one of the most enjoyable ones of the series. The twins have a degree of sympathetic control over cherry blossoms as their power and while not quite up to the face stabbing abilities of Zakuro, are at least less useless in a fight than Hotaru. The action could have been better, like always for this show, but at least they kept it short instead of dragging it out with a lot of ugly stills. The scene where Kei saved Zakuro from two jerk soldiers was also very well handled too and almost makes up for having to watch Kei savagely maul some poor side of beef earlier in the episode. I’m still annoyed by the inclusion of Hanadate in their triangle since he’s still little more than a plot device. He needs to go through his heel turn already to get interesting.

And if you’re curious, the twins were the best dressed for the ball in skintight green accentuating their strawberry blone curls.


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Ransom says:

    Nice episode :) The cliffhangers are good enough to increase my expectations. And there where some cute scenes between the characters that I really enjoyed.

  • Curio says:

    Without having watched the episode, the initial appearance of this screenshot is the character grabbing his erection. O.o

    Now, with context in mind, I can see he is holding his foot as the leg almost blends into the torso portion of his uniform.

    Short version: CAN’T UNSEE!

  • Rei says:

    Oh wow, this indeed looks like a good episode o__o!! I see cute pairing scenes ^_^~

  • TroytheSkull says:

    Agree 100% the twins look the best out of all the girls in the dresses.