The Legend of the Legendary Heroes #17 — Give Him a Hand

October 28th, 2010


What is with this show and tearing people’s arms off?


This show’s lack of focus continues to get in its own way. We have about five plots going on here, which admittedly, is up from the zero from the first half of the episode, but absolutely none of them are connected in any way nor is there any kind of real endgame for this show in sight. We have Kiefer off discovering that Lyner’s eyes probably aren’t Alpha Stigma, but the Lonely Demon, Claugh just lost his arm to a ‘berserk’ mage who eats flesh, Luke is fighting it out with Milan over Milk, and Lyner’s run off to be alone and cry over dango. Any one of these could be good if they would just settle down and focus. Okay, maybe not the last one… or Kiefer’s recycled footage recap-a-thon either, but you get the point.

I will say that this show continues to excel at actually showing war and battles that look like real war and battles. Its strange fetish with dismembering people aside, Chompy McEatsPeople sells his evil much better than all the masked grunts that came before. Perching on someone’s shoulders as you tear their head off takes panache. Luke’s gone up a lot of places in the last few episodes too. Or maybe it’s just that Milk’s other idiot subordinates were screaming in the streets that they have cake, while he was fighting Milan. They continue to have the pieces to make this show really good, but they stubbornly just can’t seem to put them all together and 17 episodes in, it’s getting a little late to do much about it. At least this second half has had little to no focus on Sion and that has made a world of difference in its watchability.


The eyes have it.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • cubedice says:

    There sure are a lot of glowing eyes in this episode.

  • marvelous stan says:

    So how like real war and battles are we talking here?

    I was impressed by Felicia’s PTSD in Sora no Woto. It was just… sight an enemy, fire, hit it, celebrate, someone you never saw shoots at you and half of your are dead. GJ.

  • Revennge says:

    According to wiki. In this Yuusha universe there are 5 types of “Cursed Eyes”> Alpha Stigma being one and most common type.

  • RaiKitsune says:


  • Sarukah says:

    So apparently next episode everyone gets a clothing upgrade?

  • Zilla says:

    Luke and Chompy McEatsPeople might actually be my favorite characters in this show right now. Plus the preview and the OP make it look like the latter and Ryner might become “monster” BFFs.

    Also, the fact that Gastark’s king is perpetually winking kinda freaks me out.