My Friend Can’t Be This Stupid #05 — Magical Soda

October 31st, 2010


So, AIC. What’s with you and EDs lately?


Oh boy. This is what the show really does well. Melodrama. And Kirino stopping lying and saying that it’s her true self set to the OP as an insert song? Wow! That’s really creative and different. They’re pulling out all the directoral stops this week. Oh wait, look at that. A magical glass of soda that conveniently teleports around the table so they can show talking heads in a glass. What does this show not have? And it’s certainly not looking cheaper than ever with long drifting stills of backgrounds, the sky, some random guy jogging. You know what would just complete this ensemble marvelously? A couple minutes of watching Kyousuke talk on the phone from the back of his head. Ah, they did that too? Magnifique. Another visual tour de force.

So yet one more stellar episode of this show where Ayase gets whiny about Kirino and Kyousuke being perverts and her "not being herself" in a slightly less intelligent display of correlation than the Chewbacca defense. Kyousuke, having skipped last week’s after school special, realizes that the best way to dig yourself out of a hole for lying is to lie some more and then scream at people. And of course, since this show is written by simpering chimps at a battery of broken typewriters, that works. Kirino yells out that all of it is her true self, and everybody is happy with the backstabbing little prostitute once again. Le sigh. This episode didn’t even try to be amusing on any front, and the drama is so badly and stupidly machinated that it boggles the mind. Setting it to bad JPop just makes this worse in every way.

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30 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • RaiKitsune says:

    I really feel bad for this guy. He just gets shit on time after time.

  • metzger says:

    This reminds of Zero no Tsukaima, except at least the guy in that show was a sex-crazed tit monster who was just barely restrained by some ancient magic. This dude doesn’t have any excuse, nor any worthwhile girls to chase.

    • Ymarsakar says:

      In the manga, the main character gets beat on everytime he tries to do something nice or heroic for Zero.

  • Tylon says:

    I laugh out loud during the conversion between Kyousuke and his father. Suddenly, the word “Tsundere” flashed in my mind (what kind of line are they giving to his father).

    @metzger: I think his only drive to work this hard is his pride as an older brother… However, I pity his groin.

  • alex says:

    lol at the review. I guess I have to watch this show only to see how far they can go with the stupidity…and to see how long can I take it – maybe I skip it after this ep. or maybe I won’t even watch this ep. God knows…

  • anonymous says:

    One would probably imagine that this show ends with Kirino finally realizing that this guy has bent over backwards for her hobby and image by taking all the bullets aimed her way and has her trying to make amends for being a horrible little bitch, but I expect that with this shows logic it’s far more likely he ends up somehow apologizing and toadying to our little moe moe tsundere idol over some contrived misunderstanding in a scene that will have your average viewers jaw hitting the floor.

    This show really has been a slice when you watch it while being aware of how ass-backwards the writing and logic of the characters behaviour is though. It’s something else for sure.

  • Sabin says:

    holy fuck.. this was a disaster..
    The drama in this show is hilarious

  • RaiKitsune says:

    Also, Hilarious parody at the end where they showed the old “All according to Keikkaku” TL Note: Keikkaku means plan.

  • alex says:

    lol, epic bad episode is epic bad, I laughed the whole time how bad it was.
    Ayase turning into yandere, so bad and also so epic, USODA, USODA, USODA !! Oni-chan go for it…
    “I love you as much as I love eroge” – epic line
    “all according to keikaku” lol
    I should watch this show just to see how epic bad can they go :)
    This show has everything: tsundere sister, tsundere dad, yandere best friend, pussy brother, tsundere game character, talking glass of soda…now only Nice Boat is missing :)
    I hope we get a Kotonoha cameo she can show Ayase how to do it right…
    The former episodes were boring but this one was pure fun to watch…
    who’s better: yandere Ayase or goth loli ? can’t decide

  • jolo says:

    Yeah, why do they do that!
    Why not just draw the character’s talking?
    They’re even lazy at animating talking heads?
    I’m tired of photoshopped desktop wallpapers flashing.

  • Shance says:

    Another episode review bashing the quality of writing and animation of the show. Le sigh…

  • NovaJinx says:

    Quoting myself:

    OreImo treats the viewer to preteen level drama, all mashed up into a gray, odorless and tasteless mess force fed with a rusty spoon. That’s all OreImo really is and it’s sad that it had to turn out this way – nicely packaged bulk otaku fap fodder, burger entertainment that looks down upon its viewer. I feel insulted by the way AIC is treating its audience and so should you.

    PS. How come you get the decent commenters and I get all the faggots? :(

  • Dante says:

    Sigh, so at the end the predictions about Ayase where true, and I hate when I saw this cominh.
    The show lacks originality and Kyousuke lack personality or at least self love.

  • Hentai_Jp says:

    Aroduc. The main reason I watch this show is so I can read sarcastic comments about it’s “quality” on blogs like yours. Although I don’t think Imotou will beat Angel Beats! in it’s controversy of poor execution..

  • Mesousa says:

    Ayase is a bitch. Nuff said.

  • Radiance says:

    Why are the girls so pretty and everything else so bad ;_;? Surely this must be torture.

    Looking forward to the childhood friend episode, maybe I’ll punch my monitor for real next week.

    • Ymarsakar says:

      This show really isn’t going to be fun for anxious teens or those with growing pains. Seriously, it’ll be painful, not pleasant.

      That being said, once you get some more years in experience, this stuff starts getting hilarious. Not because it’s terrible but because it’s full of jokes.

  • Solaris says:

    So Kyousuke best performance in life is covering himself in shit for the sake of a nice little sister who uses to thank him with kicks in the groin. Wait what was the SM anime this year? MM, no maybe…this?

    So next week is the time he’s covering himself in shit in front of the only (and last) girl who still thinks he’s a fair guy? Oh well. I’m anticipating it!

    • Ymarsakar says:

      So Kyousuke best performance in life is covering himself in shit for the sake of a nice little sister who uses to thank him with kicks in the groin.

      Lol, exactly. Better than three stooges and Airplane put together with Naked Gun and Team America.

  • Stockhausen says:

    Am I the only one who thought that Kirino’s pink cushion looks like a giant ball sack?

  • Arizth says:

    Ya’kno what really gets to me?

    Ayase’s “omg otaku r teh gross” outburst isn’t really that far off, considering her bloody social clique.

    If anything, while that shit is painful to watch, it’s annoyingly true to life.

    That said, fuck you, Ayase. Eat shit and die, you cocksucking pile of melodramtic lezyay yandare bitch.

    At this point, I’m hoping with all my might for a Kyouske/Saori end. Hell, I’ll take Kyouske/Manami, if it’s an option.


    God damnit, Kirino.

    • Solaris says:

      You know, that Saori is fishy… she’s always covered with big clothes and with those thick glases. It looks so much a kind of cover… I wouldn’t be surpried if she was something like a top model instead. >.>

      • Ymarsakar says:

        You might actually be right on that from what I saw of the last episode.

        I had trouble figuring out who that person was, until you mentioned her.

    • Ymarsakar says:

      If anything, while that shit is painful to watch, it’s annoyingly true to life.

      Which is why it is funny as hell for those of us who aren’t bothered by such people or events. Teenagers and those who have trouble controlling their emotions, though, will feel more pain than funny from that.

      this point, I’m hoping with all my might for a Kyouske/Saori end.

      that’s funny as hell if you watched number 9 with the eroge tsundere character gets shown. Kirini says pretty much the same line.