The Blessing of La Campanella #10 — FEEEEEEEELINGS

September 3rd, 2010




Something of a disappointing and excessively predictible episode. Minette got sad and decided to hand herself over, thus circumventing anybody having to actually be evil but still maintaining the damsel in distress angle. I like the Tortillas and all, but sending them off to go deal with the ale crisis seems… inappropriate somehow. Even moreso once Minette went super angsty. Unfortunately, now they’re probably just going to reappear with the widget and solve the whole Miriam crisis after lots of speeches about the rights of automata-inclined citizens to not be cannabalized for parts.

That entire scene with Shelley seemed a bit weird and out of place. Just where the hell did she and her philosophical rambling come from? It would have made a hell of a lot more sense for her to just ambush Minette as she was leaving their house, not on the top of mysterious building #12 across town. That makes her seem just a tad more sinister than I’m pretty sure that scene was meant to be. I also cannot take this show seriously when it starts talking about sadness and grief, but the visual is a full screen picture of Agnes’ naked butt. Sad butts do not work. How can you even have a melancholic butt?


Time to go save the princess.

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  • Anise_Punter says:

    I for one could do without Agnesbutt, whether it be happy or sad.

  • zalkor says:

    I feared this moment would come when the plot decided to return…