Sengoku BASARA 2 #09 — Elite Beat Idiots

September 5th, 2010


Because when I think "fight scene" I think "morons doing sports cheers."


I guess this was better than a lot of episodes this season, but it was still pretty stupid. They spent more time focusing on how Motochika and Masamune’s lackeys cheered than they did on the actual fight, which apart from being completely trivial and meaningless, only lasted about 90 seconds and was broken up by sad sad Kojurou being so very sad. Yukimura’s little sparring match against Musashi was almost preferable because at least it was silly and it’s always fun to watch Yukimura have the snot beaten out of him, particularly when he seems bound and determined to be a whiny little princess. He and Masamune both get demerits for having romantic daydreams about each other as well.

And the rest of the episode was the usual bits of people standing around and talking about things that happened in the last few episodes and where everybody is going, which tends to override and obliterate any enjoyment from the first half of the episode. Nothing like talking heads doing review to really get the blood boiling. Here’s a hint, they’re all coming to fight the ‘antagonist.’ And what episode woudn’t be complete without Keiji getting sad over his monkey? Seriously, IG? "My monkey ran away." This is the plot point for Keiji that you’re going with? Maybe there really are chimps handling this one.


And back to talking heads.

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