Ookami-san and Her Seven Companions #12 — Cliches! Ha HA!

September 15th, 2010


This would have been a lot more amusing if she was after Ryoko instead.


See? She’s the matchstick girl and her name is Machiko. It’s so hilarious that I want to shoot myself. It’s even more hilarious because she tried using every single bad romantic comedy cliche in the book to try to seduce him as her road to happiness, But Ryoushi doesn’t wanna since girls have cooooooties. Ewwwwwww. Meanwhile, Ryoko and Applehead watch from the bushes just to finish packing every bad date cliche in.  I love cliches! So much that I want to take them behind the middle school and get them pregnant! Okay, I better tone down the sarcasm before I give myself a liver disorder. Machiko’s a poor man’s Yamada at best and tiresome at worst. Mostly the latter since the narrator continues to provide a sustained assault whatever little humor remains in the show by pointing out every joke. It’s seriously like watching television with a three year old. Yes, wow. That’s Elmo, and the letter B. And a Dalek. Don’t tell mommy about that last part.

In any case, after the show essentially ended last week, this was about as brainless as I expected it to be. I suppose that it was meant to be a capstone on Ryoushi and Ryoko’s relationship, but that begs the question "What relationship?" Oh, she said that she doesn’t hate him. I guess we might as well assume that it’s a happy ending all around. Champagne and caviar, folks. This is true love. At least I can’t say that I’m surprised in the slightest. Why end strongly when you can introduce a ‘love’ triangle in the final episode instead? Great decision, JC Staff.

Final thoughts at the bottom.


Final Thoughts:

And it ends with about as much fanfare as it began. The main thing that this show had going for it from start to finish is that there was nothing I was even vaguely interested in watching on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. The action in the first couple weeks was enough to catch my eye and they teased greater plot and drama a couple episodes later, but nothing ever came of any of it. That’s fine for completely comic shows, but you can’t just introduce drama, drop it, bring it back up, then totally ignore it again every third episode and expect things to work out by not even resolving a single piece of it. More anime writers need to figure out that by half-assing the source and their own contributions, they end up doing a crappy job on both sides of the fence and appeasing nobody.

So in the end, bleh from start to finish. There were some moments that were well done, but it was ultimately a totally vacuous show made even more irritating by an omnipresent narrator telling you what is already happening on the screen… to the point where she interrupts characters just to repeat what they already said. Show, don’t tell, is the first blood rule of any narrative, dammit. All I can imagine the point being is to pander to a cadre of Satomi Arai fanboys furiously pleasuring themselves to her voice instead of trying to watch the show. Production was overall mediocre at its best and poor for the other 95% of the time, the drama and characterization heavy handed and unresolved, and the humor ranged from stale to almost offensely juvenile at times, lest we forget the farting witches during the big dramatic climax of the show. If you skipped this or ditched it an episode or two in, you’ve missed absolutely nothing worth seeing. It was something to occupy a boring day and let off a little steam and that’s really about it.

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  • cutemi2 says:

    Me First to Blogged

  • sora says:

    … it as well JCStaff give us a shot filled with sugar, candy, and heat-activated cancer. im so mad and frustrated that it made me question my own exsistence

  • Phocus says:


  • Solaris says:

    Ok, now hopefully JCstaff can go back to shana or index stuff after wasting resources for a whole season worth of animation.

  • Godlet says:

    This episode was more than a bit short on the mindgrapes. Though I rooted through the whole thing hoping this new girl would succeed in stealing her darling.

  • redlupine says:

    I can’t believe you made it through this show

    you are a trooper, Aroduc

  • Topspin says:

    Vacuous is a good word. It’s so in-your-face about everything that it only served as a documentary on annoying JC Staff cliches more than anything – “Babies’ first JC Staff anime”.

  • Anise_Punter says:

    I may have been disappointed by Angel Beats, but that’s nothing compared to what I felt for this show – this show made me actively angry with how stupid it could get, and how thrown-together it was, and how unlikable the cast was apart from Tits McMaid.

    Seriously, this show seemed more hastily put together than Angel Beats (which was not a bad series, it just seemed rushed), which shouldn’t even be possible. What the hell was the point? Were we supposed to see some sort of development in Ookami herself? We never got that. Was there a resolution to whatever the plot was? What the hell was the plot? Was there even a point in including that Majo-thing? I don’t think it even figured out what genre it was. It was seriously JC Staff just throwing crap at a wall and us watching it because it’s JC Staff.

    I thought this could have been good, like 8 territory, but I was just wrong.

    • Solaris says:

      It’s as simple and clear as waterflow: There is no plot.
      There’s nothing there except plot devices meant for letting you empatyze with miss wolfgirl. They served you plain-flat stereotype to love at their snap of the fingers.
      This anime is merely a commercial to sell an image as thin as paper.
      I foresee high sales for figurines and dvds :) And it dragged this season’s standards as low as ever…

  • Gin says:

    It was a waste of potential. I’m fairly disappointed on how they did nothing for this series. Better luck next round, JCStaff.

  • Anonymous says:

    This entire show felt to me like JC staff killing time in between seasons of index/railgun. It never felt like they were giving their all, or even half of their full effort in making this show, and I think the only purpose was to make a quick buck.

    Though, it’s hard for me to get mad when I didn’t expect much to begin with. After railgun this show seemed par the course for JCstaff.

  • Red says:

    Your comments make me laugh more than the show

  • laughingspiral says:

    I actually did like this series premise….then it got run into the ground, lit on fire and pretty much exploded by the end. I was disappoint.