Ookami-san and Her Seven Companions #11 — Witches Fart; Show’s Over

September 9th, 2010


What the hell just happened here?

Yeah, yeah. A little late. It still hasn’t shown up on the normal quick streaming sites. *shrug*


So in the end, this was basically just a rehash of the first Onigashima invasion. They made it up to Shiro’s office, Ryoushi got smacked around, then landed one punch, and everybody went home happy. In another world, where Shiro actually had some kind of plan and Ryoushi wasn’t flashing back to a conversation he had with literally three minutes ago as his dramatic heroic spirit move (with a character fabricated out of thin air an episode ago no less), this could have been really cool. Or maybe if the whole thing wasn’t called on account of stupid. At least they put some effort into the action once again. It’s still that horrific "we made the art suck balls to give ourselves extra cash for the frames" trick that JCStaff seems enamored of lately, but it’s something.

I’d say that the bigger problem with the episode beyond the bizarrely fabricated melodrama from nowhere and much ado over literally nothing was the mood whiplash. The first half of the episode was devoted to defusing all of the cliffhanger kidnappings from last week by revealing all of them to be gags. Followed by Majo farting toxic gas multiple times. They literally tried to make a scene with a farting witch dramatic. The mind boggles. Maybe you should have chosen your sound effects a little better, JCStaff. And they never actually addressed Ryoko’s past at all. In fact, the opposite. Reasons don’t matter, Ryoushi! Do your best! The catboy said so!

Honestly though, this episode was a lot better than most and suffers mainly from the fact that there was nothing building up to it and it’s a lot of people getting emotional despite there being absolutely no reason for it. This episode would have been awesome at around #4 or #5. As the big finale though (next week is apparently back to nonsense if the title’s any indication), there’s absolutely no meat or meaning to anything that happened here, which admittedly, is appropriate because nothing did. Kind of the story of this entire show, isn’t it?

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • GF202020 says:

    Aww, I wanted someone to save Otsuu using a KAISER WAVE or GIGANTIC PRESSURE~

  • rufe says:

    Ryoshi is literally the least likable hero ever. Worse than Hino Satoshi’s most obnoxious roles…

  • kewlmyc says:

    Let me guess, at the end of the episode, nothing’s changed and it’s LOLRESET with Ookami’s and Ryoushi’s relationship?

    • Aroduc says:

      She blushes and is about to say something after he gives his manly “I’m awesome” line, then he cowers from the little children running past, so she punches him instead.

      So yeah.

  • Aex says:

    So he didn’t even really beat Sheep-Head and nothing really changed… we have 13 episodes, so two left… maybe the final battle will be later? Hopefully? The alternative is a Majo episode then a “special” episode that has nothing to do with anything… *shiver*

  • sora says:

    hmmm… i could have swear the matchstick girl was about a girl who was trying to sell matches, light them all to see visions and died… I wonder have JCStaff will use this for this cancer-filled show??? :/

  • Benigmatica says:

    Man, I’m very disappointed with JCStaff!

    And we didn’t know the reason why Shirou wanted to break Ryouko-san so badly… Very disappointed!!!

  • DmonHiro says:

    “with a character fabricated out of thin air an episode ago no less” Wrong, my friend. The cat-in-boots boy is the same one that was getting beat up in episode 6. In that flashback, Ookami-san saved him, and her ran away. Guess you weren’t paying that much attention.

    • Aroduc says:

      That’s not exactly a character. That’s barely some weak foreshadowing. If he had never appeared again, nobody would have thought anything of it. He had no personality and there was no expectation that he was important, relevant, or even going to get a name. Everything about him was created an episode ago with a very weak previous tie-in.

    • Ransom says:

      DmonHiro is right, it’s the same guy Rioko saves in ep 6. Although it wasn’t properly elaborated at least there is a little consistence… Tabun…

  • Anise_Punter says:

    Man, does this show piss me off.

    At least Otsu is safe so we can all rest easy.

  • Solaris says:

    I still wonder why you chose to blog this and not say… Panty Witches instead? Didn’t you like it or rather weren’t you enough inclined to make fun of it as much as you are doing with ookamisan?