Ookami-san and Her Seven Companions #10 — Puss Ex Machina

September 1st, 2010


When in doubt, add a catboy.


On one hand, the plot this week was so insultingly bad that I think it may have given me hepatitis. On the other hand, the narrator was only severely irritating this week instead of infuriating and they’re actually addressing the plot again after two whole months of dicking around. JCStaff gets a special award for particularly horrific writing by trying to sell Reiko as a defector from Shirou’s camp. Is she evil? Let’s see? We’ve seen her for 15 seconds previously where she was smirking and laughing in desire to crush the protagonists. Therefore, she must be telling the truth about everything to the good guys! Let’s drag this out for half the episode wondering about it! The only way her ‘turn’ could have been more obvious is if they had "villain" stamped on her forehead. I’m glad they’re actually going to get to the plot, but there should have been a purpose behind it, not the villains sitting on their ass for 75% of the show before suddenly erupting in a string of kidnappings to drag all the protagonists to their home base. I can’t wait to hear whatever cockamamie reason they cook up for this one. I seriously hope it’s "The show’s ending, and you weren’t doing anything, so I had to create some conflict."

Meanwhile, Ryoshi’s off screwing around with some random Spaniard based on Puss in Boots. Maybe he’s part of Sheephead’s master plan too, who knows? If he is, then ‘training’ Ryoshi makes no sense and you’d think he’d have been a part of the giant panover of Shirou’s plan coming together at the end. If he’s not, then he’s the most bizarre training plot device since Goku went into a super gravity time compression mega freezord ultra chamber. "Hi, I’m a Spanish catboy, and I’m here to train you to fight because I. Am. Fabulous." Why not just give Ryoshi a magical fairy and let him fly off to NeverNever Land to train? Also for that matter, since when does Ryoshi know jack about martial arts? He has a slingshot. That’s his whole deal. Not hitting things, hiding in trees and whining.

Finally, I question JCStaff’s need to loop Otsu’s breasts bouncing as their post-ED interstitial. Seriously, JCStaff? Seriously?

Also, I’m aware of the existence of PRISM Generations, but since the thing is 12 minutes long, of which about 10 minutes are topless girls running around in the bath (and the remainder of the time Magical MANLY MEN), I think I’ll just leave you to discover that particular den of iniquity on your own.

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14 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Aex says:

    I HATE cliffhangers!! Almost as much as I hate amnesia!

    • Aex says:

      I have to admit though, the prospect of Ryoushi getting a Spanish side-kick is an intriguing idea… overplayed, but potentially worthwhile.

  • Hogart says:

    You’d think they’d try to be less asinine when the whole point to the show seems to be for Ryouko to confront her rapist ex. Oh well, it’s not like my expectations are being betrayed or anything :)

  • GF202020 says:



  • Anise_Punter says:

    I swear to god I was not the one who tazed, bound and gagged Otsu to add to some sort of maid harem. I’m all for going with GF202020’s fighting force to save her. The rest of the cast? I can’t say I really care one way or the other.

    Also, has Majo-whatsit served any purpose at all so far? I’m pretty sure she’s had less screentime than the eminently throttle-able Usami Mimi.

    • GF202020 says:

      Anise? From the Tales Of series?


    • Aex says:

      Honestly I was expecting this to be a Majo episode, then I saw the blond in the preview and got confused. Now it looks like Majo isn’t getting her own episode, since this series of events could go till episode 12 >.<

  • pata says:

    amagami’s narrator is better than this trying-hard-to-be-an-old-hag-narrator

  • MisaoFan says:

    They kidnapped Alice and Mimi ?

  • sora says:

    I’m mad even thought Ryoko is suppose to be so tough she is kidnapped the most :/

    JCStaff what on earth are you doing???!!!

    But I love Neko’s hand-stand into stare tactic lol

  • Lero says:

    PFFFFF!!!! What happened with the “Okaami doesn’t trust on anybody because a trauma” thing?
    Even GONZO wasn’t that stupid.

    • Aex says:

      That’s why Reiko made up the story about Sheep-Head abusing her to make Ryouko be sympathetic and let her guard down. They knew Ryouko would instantly want to help her if she thought Reiko had gone through something similar to her.

  • Astral says:

    I have see that catboy in other episode. Yeah he was in ep 6