Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ #09 — The Sekirei of Domestic Abuse

August 29th, 2010


Stellar performance there.


Yet another transitioning episode that’s hard to say anything intelligent about because absolutely nothing happens. The whole thing could have been skipped by just having Tsukiumi and Musubi show up in the first couple minutes and nothing of particular value would have been lost except for Horie Yui as the Sekirei of Domestic Abuse. That could have certainly been more subtle. It doesn’t help that she has almost the exact same design as her Kampfer character too. I also have to wonder how exactly they’re keeping this Sekirei plan a secret when one of them is carrying a giant hammer through a hopital and the city streets.

It was a little more watchable than the last couple since they were focusing on showing some different Sekirei/Ashikabi relationships instead of giant dumps of exposition, but Seven Arcs still isn’t living up to what it could be doing here. At least after all the waffling around, we’re finally getting back to some action next week. I’m still not sure how exactly that’s going to lead into whatever ending they have planned for it. Seven Arcs should really just take this series and run. The best part of this season so far has been the completely original mini-arc at the start. Let’s have more of that and less mopeyness already. Hell, Minato was even kind of manly back then. Now he’s just… Yukimura. Good lord, I’m in bizarro world here.


Uzume vs the team.

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  • anelace says:

    DA Sekirei isn’t Horie Yui; she’s Higasa Youko.

  • zalkor says:
    Without enlarging the picture she seems naked.

  • Myssa Rei says:

    The problem is, ‘taking the series and running with it’ will pose SERIOUS continuity problems if and when another season is made. Like the whole subplot concerning Uzume and her Ashikabi — the residents of Izumo-sou have only just decided to do something about it in the manga just the previous chapter (which is also the same chapter where they first learned WHY Uzume is working under another Ashikabi).

    I’m not against anime-original arcs, but most of the time they flat out don’t work.

    • Aroduc says:

      Or Seven Arcs can just eschew the manga entirely instead of puttering along making tiny little series every few years. And in 2015 when the original does end, maybe someone can go back and deal with it if it ever did get that popular. I would always rather have a complete series NOW with possible future continuity issues in a few years than a halfassed story now with possible resolutions in a few years. For all the whining about “We can’t have an ending, they need to leave it open for a sequel,” the number of shows that actually get that promised sequel after a few years of letting the source generate enough more is minimal at best.

      • Myssa Rei says:

        You do have a point about having a ‘complete’ story, instead of hoping for a continuation that may or may not come (hey, stranger things have happened — just look at Koihime Musou or Ikkitousen), but it’s still going to be awkward since the resolution to the same issue (Chisato) are going in different directions.

        If the Jinki tournament is ever animated (it is supposed to follow Homura’s winging) whatever follows this anime-original arc will be even MORE awkward, as the reason Uzume attacks everyone at the apartment is because of the intrigue connected to the Jinki tournament.

      • Albedo says:

        People will weather a lot of awkward things when breasts are involved.