Ookami-san And Her Seven Companions #06 — Genital Formal Wear

August 4th, 2010



Thanks for eating my post, WordPress. Sigh. Now I’m even more annoyed.


This episode blew. I don’t know why writers think it’s appropriate to use flashback episodes for character development. If you’re going to show the past, have it add something to the present. Show some new detail or aspect that gives insight onto current events. Do not use it as a crutch to fabricate new character traits or plot points that you’ve just thought up out of bloody nowhere. Do not use it to show some past trauma that we already know the characters have overcome. Have them suffer in the active story so that they can overcome it. This is the very definition of machinated on the spot. Ookami’s default state was "has friends, isn’t angsty." Rewinding that and saying "she already overcome whatever happened, but despite never showing any sign of it prior to now, it still haunts her" is not character development. This is character developedment, which isn’t even a damn word. Would it really have been so hard or so bad to have this guy hang out with her for this episode (or whatever episode is to come showing him doing whatever to her) and then betraying her?

Otherwise, all the usual applies, but with next to no actual humor this week unless you count the narrator continuing to talk over half the episode as funny. That just lowers the episode from bad to worse though, and no sense in complaining about exactly how muddy the puddle is when you’re already covered in filth. Instead, go watch the Venture Bros Season 5 4.2 trailer. It’s time better spent and hopefully a sign that this half-season will be a little more focused on the comedy and less on Hatred talking about little boys. Hell, it looks like they even leave the bloody lab a couple times.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    and less on Hatred talking about little boys.

    “I’m not even supposed to be within 50 feet of a beautiful minor!”

  • Mesousa says:

    I dare you blog the second half of Venture Brotehrs.

    Sorry if I’m desperate for you to add western shows, but, maybe you should show a little variety.

    That, and the fact that the show has been a little hard to follow recently.

    • Jack Damn says:

      I dare you blog the second half of Venture Brotehrs.

      It’s not a real dare if it isn’t a double dog dare.