Occult Academy #08 — Atmosphere, Atmosphere, Atmosphere

August 23rd, 2010


Chupacabras? Seriously?

Sigh. If I had known that HSotD clip was going to go creepily viral, I think I would have included a link back to the site. Or at least not tagged it as Mork and Mindy. Or sorted it under YouTube’s Educational category. Oh well! Take that, Education category. Changing things now would just be gauche, although it was quite fun to watch it spread while while its views remained frozen at 302.


Well, I want to be happy for them having an episode sort of focused on the supernatural for once, but everything was so poorly thrown together that the whole thing was more ridiculous than entertaining. It’s clear that they were trying to make everything ‘cool’, but they overshot the mark by about nineteen MegaFonzies so it was just obtrusively forced. The music was what was most off; wildly inappropriate most of the time and more suited to some kind of fantasy adventure than anything seen in the previous 7 episodes. The somewhat inane visuals didn’t help a ton either. The 20 foot mother chupacabra with foot long fangs harmlessly biting Ami in half was a bad start, but then it was beheaded cleanly with a couple shots of a nail gun. Not just beheaded though, the nails were sticking out of the bottom of the neck. I cannot even beging to comprehend the physics here. That’s not just killing the sense of it, that was stabbing it in the ear, urinating on the remains, and then mailing its defiled corpse to PETA using dead rabbits as packing material.

Also, it was a 20 foot chupacabra with a literal mountain of human skeletons. How exactly did it go unnoticed before now?

The rest of it was about as banal as expected. Maya and Ami stumbled around trying to make up for twenty minutes, then when Ami woke up surrounded by Creeping Horrors from beyond the grave, she would rather stay with them than accept Maya’s help until sufficiently yelled at. Of course, after that, there was still plenty of time to stare into each other’s eyes and say that you’re sorry while a swarm of lizards are attacking. Chupacabras have such good manners. Lesser demons would have tried to interrupt that tender moment. I fully support Uchida’s decision to tell nobody that Whose-Her-Face was taken by the chupacabras though. Like me, he was probably hoping that she’d be eaten and never seen again. And now I look forward to never seeing any of Maya’s friends again for the rest of this show’s run. Good bye and good riddance.


JK and Smile adopt a Snow Girl. This will be… uh…

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mesousa says:

    Very funny, A1.

    Just because you’re throwing a Puertorican myth doesn’t mean I’ll watch you again.

    Yeah, I dropped the show, I’m just worreid that Maya will act as a bitch for even the tiniest reasons.

  • ShuffleAir says:

    I dropped this show at episode two. The only thing good about this show was Maya’s facial expressions. Would you say it’s worth it to follow it again?

    And lol at the unexpected people going to visit the education section on youtube this week.