Occult Academy #06 — GALAXY HAND

August 9th, 2010


Why couldn’t it have been a demon?  


By the sheer law of averages, they were bound to do something right eventually. Despite the scene making absolutely no goddamned sense, the look into Bunmei’s past and conflicted feelings about his mother were nice. Not terribly original or surprising, and I called it the moment his mom showed up to pull him away from his friends, but they did build up to it within that scene well. Unfortunately, that was only about two minutes crammed into a tortuous 22. Most of the rest was either blatant filler or outright stupid. I seriously cannot believe that they went for a gag ending to this little arc. Did they want to make it as bad as possible?

A brief summary is in order to comprehend the magnitude of stuidity in this episode. The entire first half of the episode was Maya and her friend-whose-name-I-can’t-be-bothered-to-remember trying to pretend like there were occult things going on since she lost that along with her need for her glasses. So they shook tables and then yelled that there were poltergeist. Yeah. Clever. Imbeciles. They come to the conclusion after twelve goddamned minutes that Kozue left a part of herself in the machine so, they end up sending Bunmei in to get it, but instead of showing the ‘other world,’ this time it showed his past for some reason. I’d lke to remind you that Maya’s the only person who knows about him. To the other three students watching, he’s obsessed with a little boy. I also cannot wait for the surprise revelation that the ‘war’ in his memory was some movie he saw or something similarly insipid. Either that, or his memory is a highlight reel shot from helicopters. Then he finds Kozue’s soul, who won’t leave because she can’t find her glasses/see anything… so he points out that her glasses are on her head. PROBLEM SOLVED. Since Maya saw that Bunmei had issues with his mom, she decides to be friendly and give him another chance with a GALACTIC HANDSHAKE.

I… I think that I’m going to just say that I hope this godawful machine of total deus ex machina disappears and never comes back. I suggest counting the number of times clothing or glasses appears and disappears off of characters at the end to wring the most entertainment out of it. 


Space filler, food, and Spaniards.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Phocus says:

    After five episodes, I was skeptical if the series was going anywhere, with both plot and character development. But this sixth episode established quite a bit into Bunmei’s tragic past, which made me like his character a whole lot more. And we also glimpsed at the apocalyptic world of 2012.

    Also, Maya = Yukiko, Ami = Chie, and Bunmei = Yosuke?

    • Anonymous says:

      Now we just need to wait for the blond haired slightly gay delinquent and the cross-dressing female child detective.

  • Anonymous says:

    2 ways to look at this aroduc.

    1) lolwtf deus ex machina machine. this is bullshit. gtfo.

    2) the show’s plot is now moving for the first time in 4 episodes… somewhere… i guess.

    repeating glasses girl’s antics for the first half of the show was boring and stupid. bunmei’s dream… its nice that we got more background on him… but how is it that he magically stumbles upon glasses girl after 2 minutes of depressing repressed memories? deus ex machina machine… please kindly never show your face again and let us move on (i like viewpoint #2).

  • CJ says:

    I still dont understand how they have such technology in the 90’s.

    I really do hate plot holes

    • Aroduc says:

      Because the writers don’t know how to create character development without massive deus ex machina.