The Demon King Beween Ninjas in Love #02 — Sacred Scrolls

July 22nd, 2010


How exactly does Eiko keep her butt so shiny?


The second DVD special is just Junko’s sister writing a love letter to Sai or her, which then gets stolen by Eiko under the assumption that it’s some kind of great ninja secret. It wasn’t quite as amusing or T&A-filled as the first DVD special, but the love letter at the start was pretty cute. Her sister’s a lot more amusing when she’s getting underfoot than just swooning over stupid Hiroshi. The next special does look like it’s back to pure T&A though… not that I’m opposed. I’m just wondering what those two are drenched with and whether or not that’s why Korone’s licking Kena.

I may as well note here too that I’m skipping covering Xebec’s godawful Abnormal Physiology OVA. Let’s just say that part 2 involved ejaculating on a pizza, and part 3 was all about cuckolding, with the boyfriend watching through the window while masturbating while the girl grinds on top of a stuffed shark. I’m perfectly fine with sexual humor, but this isn’t even funny. It’s just stating some fetish, and then the protagonist gasping. That’s not a joke. That’s not even trying. At its worst, it was poorly made pornography with silly (sillier) faces every now and then, and at its best, poorly made and boring.


Kena and Korone lower a kitchen’s health code a few levels.

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  • rozen123 says:

    Damn there goes my hopes for a ninja Mortal Kombat. >_>

  • Hayate says:

    …no comment…for this or the next one.

  • Yue says:

    All I can say is… AAAAAAAAAARGH!!! ^o^

  • q says:

    this SUCK ! !