Ookami-san and Her Seven Maids #04 — Brought to You By Pornography

July 21st, 2010


No part of this didn’t come directly from some horrible maid fetish doujin.


Let’s get the obligatory narrator bashing out of the way. Yes, dammit, I can see that Ryoko is blushing. You do not need to proceed to then tell me that she’s blushing. Shut the hell up.

This ended up easily being my favorite episode of this show thus far, simply because it is extremely unintentionally hilarious. Stop me at the point where this stops sounding like a porno. A guy saves a maid, so she shows up at his home, ready to serve his every whim, keeping him up all night. Meanwhile, the guy is living with an older woman who writes girl porn (seriously, have you ever tried to read one of those bad romance novels? The words "throbbing manhood" feature prominently), which his friend is an avid fan of. They all get together, and he spills coffee on his pants, prompting said maid to drag him off to ‘treat’ him. She then collapses, and has to be nursed back to health, so all her friends dress up as maids, strip her naked, and bring out the mechanical magic hand with giant vibrating sausage fingers. The maid then goes off to ‘serve’ the porn-friend.

The only part that wasn’t straight from bad pornography was the generic-as-hell "friends support each other" and Otsu’s sudden sob story about her brother dying to save her. Seriously, JCStaff. Where the hell did that come from? That’s Angel Beats level inaninity. At least it was over quick. I sure hope inanity is a word. I’ve also already forgotten which fairy tail this was supposed to be based on. Probably Rumpelstiltskin given the recent trends. I enjoyed the episode regardless, mostly in spite of itself, so I can’t really complain that much. I’m not sure that should be counted as praise though. I’m not even sure they missed a single porn cliche since they even managed to include quasi-incestuous siblings in the orgy dinner that finally tuckered the sex-starved Otsu out.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Hayate says:

    ……what to say about this……

    I might have to check the title from the previous episode to make sure that I don’t view this wrong based on your review of this.

    Though one thing is for certain, I’m extremely curious about this.

  • redlupine says:

    I’m trying to like this show, I want to like this show, but that bloody narrator won’t let me. Every time she talks feels like someone is scrubbing my brain with drain cleaner, cause I can feel the braincells dying.

  • Anise Punter says:

    Dude, Liszt, no, just no.

    Other than that, the best episode by far. Then again, I love me some maids.

    Images 69 and 72 – Majo definitely got taller in the first image, but did the blue-haired one also get shorter, and should we just attribute this to Majo-chan’s crazy magic? Also image 71 is a good look for Otsu.

    • Benigmatica says:

      Well, from what I briefly remember, it’s based on a Japanese folktale called “A Crane’s Repayment”.

      And I think the next one would be based on the story of Momotarou.

  • Aex says:

    Not a bad episode. The Narrator keeps fluctuating though. One episode she has a good amount of lines, then it’s back to her talking too much! This one wasn’t unbearable, but still! At least Ryoushi is manning up more and more.

    For being Outsu’s episode, we really didn’t learn anything about her, personality-wise at least… Anyways, jealous Ryouko is nice, maid-Ryouko is nicer!!

    What fairy-tale was this supposed to be anyways? Or are we done with that trend already?

  • Solaris says:

    People, seriously, if you just like the concept of louse retelling the fairitales i’d suggest you Fairy Musketteer Akazukin. It’s just a kid story, but its by far better than this shit. Hey can i say shit on TV? Oops i just said it! :D

  • The Phantom says:

    I dont understand what nerdy asians find sexy in a bulky dress that makes a normally beautiful woman look fat and colorless.

  • sora says:

    i feel as though this show is like a baby deer learning how to walk… it slowly getting somewhere… as long as it doesn’t get hit by a car… i’m still rooting for it!!!