High School of the Dead #04 — Pure Unadulterated Crap

July 26th, 2010


You have got to be kidding me.


The first nine minutes of this episode was recap of the first three episodes. Yes. You heard that right.


Three episodes in.

For nearly half the episode.

And it was followed by a montage of scenery and shots of Rei and Idiot riding around to church music until 11.5 minutes. What followed after that was a tour of CG gas stations for another 3 minutes where the lovebirds got into a squabble until finally, sixteen minutes and thirty seconds in, they’re attacked by some random rapist who leapt out after we got a CG tour of said gas station and spent the next three minutes groping Rei… which I’ve since learned was censored by THE GLOW FROM THE HEAVENS on the US stream. I cannot even begin to contemplate that most other people watched a version of this episode that was even worse than the one I saw.

Words barely begin to suffice. This was already moving at a snail’s pace, but half an episode of recycled footage and stills on the fourth bloody episode? And then all that happened after that was a character getting molested by some random guy coming out of nowhere? I guess rumors that this show had a budget were exaggerated. I can’t even muster up enough secondary bile to make fun of the zombie swarm suddenly appearing around them and standing there after a gun shot. Man, Madhouse. What the hell were you doing? There was almost as much new content in the Railgun DVD special I watched today as there was in this episode. You were outproduced by a DVD special, Madhouse. Gah.


I’m literally angry with disgust.

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15 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sporklord says:

    Bonus points if the recap contains all the T&A shots so far

    • Aroduc says:

      That would have been a bonus. Or at least mitigated it by being funny.

      • Hogart says:

        Hell, if that was true I’d watch it instead of the first three episodes. But if they can’t even get the recaps right, what’s the point?

  • Aex says:

    What. The. Hell. It’s like they needed to make sure they got back on the EXACT pace of the manga, and since they were a bit ahead, they made an episode with barely half a chapter, recaps, and a drawn-out version of Rei getting molested. Seriously, that really was amazingly stupid. They could’ve used that time to show more of Shido forming his cult. They only have 13 episodes to work with here!!

    They also dialed Shido’s creepy-meter way up from the manga. That scene with the girls was more disturbing then the zombies.

  • Anonymous says:

    THE GLOW FROM THE HEAVENS on the US stream.The stream is from the US?

  • Gin says:

    Uwa, I know they are trying to not overtake it but…oh I see. They already are thinking about their second season. I’m dropping this now. No point in ruining my experience with the manga for this money-grabbing scheme. Aroduc, have you read the manga for this?

    • Aroduc says:

      Nope! I generally don’t read manga. I’ll often browse a chapter or two of new shows before they come out, but that’s about it.

      • Nanaya says:

        It’s a pretty good read, at least for the amusement factor from some of the idiots that appear in the story and the random comments they make. And the sword girl (Saeko?). She’s awesome.

        It’s a pity they’re screwing up the pacing like this, since like I said earlier, its kinda slow until after the glasses girls’ parents’ mini-arc.

  • could be worse says:

    at least the male lead isn’t a whiner, some dude starts groping his woman so he puts a bullet in him no qualms about it. none of that whole cliched “violence is bad” crap you so often get.

    • Hentai_Jp says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

      Also remember how Rei protected him in episode 3? I love that level of care they show for each other. Lovebirds protecting each other in difficult times – stuff of great romance.

      • karasu says:

        where as in real life, if you did either of those things, you’ll be branded a fucking asshole.

      • could be worse says:

        in real life if someone tried to rape your girlfriend in front of you and you had a gun but didnt use it, then yes you would be branded a fucking asshole.

  • Faust124 says:

    I dunno if i wanna watch the anime, it looks like it’s getting some bad reviews in here, for the 4th ep

  • Tsujigiri says:

    Well I agree this episode sucks since half of it is composed of flashbacks. But I still like this anime.