The Demon King in the Back Row #12 — The Power of the Vagina

June 18th, 2010




The writing continued on its more or less nonsensical tangent right up to the very end, but at least oce they were this deep into the RPG cliches,they stuck with them. Right up to the bitter end where the final bad guy was a tree surrouded by insane hunter-killer priestess robots. The only way they could have upped that cliche is if they were all angels. The insanity took back over halfway through when Peterhausen began launching missiles and turned into a network hub, but really reached its fever pitch at the end when Kena’s vagina started glowing and then exploded, taking out the entire bloody place. I may be taking some creative liberties here, but it works, and makes more sense than a USB dragon. It’s also better than the brief timeout that they took to explain how the tree-god-network was going berserk. It’s a tree with delusions of godhood. How much motivation do we need to go blow it up?

There were the usual production hiccups too. Last episode’s action was far more impressive than this one’s. Why would you waste money on a bunch of nameless ninjas at the expense of the climax to the show? Hell, Sai didn’t even really fight the legion of robot priestesses. The scene at the start with Hiroshi was also far more homosexual than it had any business being, and I have absolutely no idea why the broadcaster decided to censor the ‘gore’ of the robots being cut in half, but only sometimes. It was quite obnoxious censoring too. What even happened to the well placed bush or girder blocking out view? Why the giant black cloud blocking out 2/3rds of the screen? For the most part, it was a competent finale, if a bit underwhelming, especially given the episodes that came before it. Even the status quo of Sai as the demon king was restored in literally the last three seconds of the show. Drum roll and cymbal splash goes here.

Final thoughts at the bottom.


Final Thoughts:

After how abysmal the first episode was in terms of character stupidity, this did turn out a whole lot better than I would have imagined. It did veer off into very strange directions at times and it was very clear that there were a number of… shall we say… production irregularities that mostly manifested as pacing resembling a drunken three-legged cow trying to iceskate its way down a hill. That’s not as big a deal as it sounds since a strong plot was never one of this show’s draws to begin with. It just made a massive leap from nonexistent to nonsensical at around episode 7 and never looked back. The technical production itself also ended up being very uneven, but it was rarely outright bad.

Most of the fun of the show comes directly from the characters, and Artland did a great job with a couple. As stupid as he was, Sai was very entertaining to watch and seeing someone begin snapping bones instead of wallowing in angst is always a good way to go. Korone was also very well handled and provided a snarky, intelligent side that diluted a lot of the stupidity of the other characters. Kena and Fujino both suffered a bit from inconsistent characterization, and I’m still not entirely certain what to think of Hiroshi, but he certainly stepped up from irritating sidekick, so they deserve credit for that.

Overall, it was certainly a very fun show that after a few episodes, I was looking forward to each week and it didn’t disappoint me. It rarely went quite how I had hoped or expected, and the plot was beyond moronic towards the end, but it was still just plain fun. So long as you can stomach the characters being overwhelming stupid for a couple episodes and the occasional in-your-face T&A, this is definitely a light hearted action show worth checking out.

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  • deaky says:

    I treated this one as a shounen parody and liked it just fine. It was far too random in that “we’re just screwing around” way, yet it was far better than the average shounen/harem show just because Akuto was a much stronger lead than most (stupidity excepted).

    They randomly threw in enough weirdness to hold back the usual boredom that makes me drop these shows. I didn’t even mind the fanservice, because it mostly seemed like it was just ripping on the concept of fanservice most of the time.

  • sage says:

    So long as you can stomach […] the occasional in-your-face T&A

    How is this bad?

  • Anise Punter says:

    I was satisfied with the ending and with the show in general outside of the two weeks with the sea cucumbers. Solid time-waster.

  • I don’t like resets.

    This wasn’t a complete reset, but I still don’t like them. And there were too many things left unanswered. The way they ended it screamed “Sequel coming!!!” — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this. Even so, I wish I knew more about the situation than they told us.

    And it’s a pity that Hiroshi’s armor is broken and gone.

  • Twi says:

    I wonder what happened to the time traveler?
    The only difference is their luck with women….classic line

  • Aex says:

    Okay, I was totally fine with that ending, even with Akuto being branded as a Demon Lord again, but did they really have to end it with Junko flipping out? It’s not like he can control what the damn bird says, and she goes tsun and starts screaming about betrayal? AT THE VERY END?? REALLY?!? Great scene to leave on… *sigh*

    Overall, not a bad show. I definitely think having only 12 episodes was not good for it, as they really could’ve made it feel a lot better with 24. Too rushed even in the places where things made sense. I’d still watch it again though.

  • john says:

    this show was great and i wish they would make a second season with a bigger budget but just hopes all in all was crazy as hell but Sai is a fucking beast.

  • Dude says:

    Fact that Akuto is willing to break bones rather than angst makes this a winner for me already.

  • rufe says:

    He destroyed 1 of the however many gods? What I don’t understand is if the mana is distributed to people(/him) by the gods, how is it possible that the defense system can’t just outright overpower Sai?

    I feel like somewhere in here was a good story…so I guess I have to hunt down the novels. I did enjoy the anime, but for the humor (Korone) and occasional inexplicably awesome animation segments…

  • Anon999 says:

    At least it had some episodes that weren’t ALL bad.

  • sora says:

    finally precious its over *rocks back and forward* its over precious

  • whats next says:

    aroduc, when are you going to start on the summer lineup? how else am i supposed to find out whats airing next season :(

  • Fate says:

    Well this show really needed 24-26 episodes but I enjoyed it muchly none the less.

  • Yue says:

    Blue~haired girl for the WIN! ^_^

    Still, Red~scarfed witch got least airtime and romancing. If this show gets a report having a second season, Dvds are a must because the end is a bit cliffhanged. Otherwise, there’s really no sense having the uncensored Dvds since the censors add to accidental humor.