The Demon King in the Back Row #11 — Night of a Million Ninjas

June 11th, 2010


And one masochistic man made of rubber.


Kind of a strange episode. One from the end, and it really didn’t go anywhere important and was mainly focused on the student council beating thing up. I’m okay with hitting things mind you, but it was nowhere near the levels of the Mister X episode and you can only take characters hitting nameless, faceless grunts for so long. Production was pretty even for awhile, although it got clear that the budget or time was running out towards the end, particularly with the huge building for… Junko to stand there in her big scene. Hopefully they’re just saving up for the big Kena rescue operation next week.

Other than that, there was about three minutes of Hiroshi switching sides and Pretty Boy showing off that he has admin access to Kena’s former brain as a blonde… and Hiroshi’s watch for that matter.How conveniet. The only other thing of note was literally tucked away at the very end. Junko started yelling about betraying for love, drew her sword, and then instead of anything interesting, a giant shining letter appeared and everybody fell over. Way to absolutely kill that moment. Eiko also deserves better than being deus ex cyborged like that.

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery


    Holy hell, talk about exposition vomit and rather terrible animation quality. This is one show that truly suffered from animation degradation, anyway most of the characters acted like schizophrenic morons and the story was rather retarded, as it seems that Boichirou is just an idiot who can’t beat the gods, and their is some wierd shit going on in Keena/blondie’s brain.

  • Twi says:

    Well I can’t complain about the art since animators get paid 2 bucks per frame. But seriously, the lame power of love thing kinda had me cracking up, that and the moment she said she’s betraying them all.

    On another note, The student council just wiped the floor with a bunch of ninja…..that had to be embarrassing for them.

    Also, you clearly can’t trust anyone in Boichirou’s group. Leaving the fact that he time travels aside, every single Keena incarnation seems to fall in love with the demon lord…You’d think he’d learn by now.

  • Nanaya says:

    Where did Korone pop up from? Wasn’t she switched off or something? And if she could singlehandedly stop a doped-on-love powered up Junko, why did they turn her off in the first place?

  • O.o says:

    wtf is up with the disturbing naked picture of the president making her look like a man?

    this is the pic im talking about –

  • Fate says:

    What did Sai mean when he said that Keena is the one for him because she can end his story. Is that just a bad translation?

    • He didn’t say she could end his story. He said she could change it.

      And he wasn’t saying that Keena was the one for him. He was just saying he was going after her to save her rather than staying with Fujiko.

      IMHO it’ll be Junko, not either Keena nor Fujiko, that he really ends up with. (And a good choice she is, too. And Keena won’t mind.)

  • Anon999 says:

    This show makes harem anime look absolutely bad. Hell, after this episode, the writers will take ONE look at this and say, “What the HELL were we thinking?!”

  • 2DT says:

    I finally got around to this episode.

    I like this show, I do. But Eiko screamed for just a BIT too long, and crossed the awkward “maybe I should fast-forward a few seconds” threshold.