Night Raid #13 — Bombs Fall, Everybody Dies

June 28th, 2010


Yes. Fiddle while your show burns.


So… let me get this straight. Kazura immediately changes his mind and goes back to the good guy side. Natsume almost effortlessly beats Kuse and is then shot and killed by a random grunt… who upon seeing that the man he shot is bleeding, panics and flees. After that, Sakurai shoots Isao in the back and kills him. Ichishi comes by to mindwipe Sakurai so he’s not a baddie anymore, and then Aoi is missing and assumed dead in the crashed plane after throwing the bomb into space. A couple seconds of bad violin at the end are present, but I’m a fan of Yukina just being crazy. You have got to be kidding me.

But wait, that’s not the most inane part of the episode. Sakurai knocked Yukina unconscious by hitting her arm with a gun. Her arm. Is A-1 even trying?

At least it’s over. That’s the important thing.

Final thoughts at the end.


Final Thoughts:

This is almost two different shows entirely. The first half is about psychic spies fighting crime. The secon half is dul historical talking heads pontificating about doing the right thing. Unfortunately, both are pretty bad. Every now and then, the first half showed glimmers of being something at least visually entertaining, but quickly fell backwards into the usual talking heads. The latter half was just dull to the extreme. Characters switched sides for absolutely no reason, then switched back for the same, and all the antagonists were defeated by being shot in the back or a random guy popping up out of literally nowhere. All that’s leaving aside the amazingly intelligent plan of destroying a city to prevent the possibility that another city might be attacked.

Production was middling to poor. Consistent, but extremely unimpressive and totally unambitious. Character development was all but absent as well. Most of them could be replaced with tape recorders endlessly looping "For king and country" or a photograph of themselves looking bored. The writing got so mired in trying to make it seem like it was historical that the characters were reduced to nothing more than window dressing providing narration. Plus, the historical angle doesn’t work at all when you have a bunch of people with super powers running around. Instead, it felt more like an excuse to be totally uninspired in every way.

So I’m sorry that I stuck with this and wouldn’t wish it on anybody but my enemies. Dull and plodding, and not particularly well put together. Considering it’s part of A-1’s "Look how awesome and unique we are" Anime No Chikara bit, one would think they’d have at least produced something creative, but no… this is anything but noteworthy.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Tokki says:

    I think I got as far is epi 3. But then lost interest all together and followed your say in the series. Lets just say Im not crying that I didnt make it past epi 3.