B Cup Sex Maniac #10 — An Abundance of Divinity

June 3rd, 2010


Did they just suddenly realize that they could make little shoulder gods for all the rest of the characters?


A decent episode that was mostly saved by the hilarious ending. Getting to those great ten minutes was something of a chore though. The only particularly amusing part of the first half was when Kosuda was waylaid onto the train into helping an old woman off it, delivering a baby, giving a foreigner directions, and saving some lost kid all at the same time. That’s more work than 1960s Spiderman gets done in a week. This show is starting to get closer to the outright psychological torture of Kosuda than anything else. They’re completely relentless, and even Misato was getting in on the cockblocking action this week… and starred in her own sex daydream. Kind of. If you can call that sex. I also highly question learning about sex from magazines that can’t even spell "Beginner" correctly. Just what year is this supposed to take place in? Do they not have the internet? Isn’t this in Japan? It was my understanding that you couldn’t walk three miles without stumbling upon some horror from beyond doing unspeakable things to a school girl. Possibly on a train.

Really no development on the plot or relationship front this week, which is always disappointing for this show given how well they did things at the start. They did resort to a lot of audio censorship jokes this week too, which they’ve done before, but never quite to this extent. Mostly though, the Kanejou siblings are just crowbarring themselves into the dynamic and trying to muss things up because they’re twits. Not enough to be amusing usually, just enough to be annoying and feel like the lazy writing tools that they are. Kyouka did gain some points at the end for traumatizing herself and Kosuda at the same time, but her brother should still be shipped back to America, or perhaps Abu Dhabi. Or perhaps the burning center of the sun.


Christmas at the Kanejou’s.

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  • Aroduc says:

    No you’re not.

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  • Myssa Rei says:

    It’s just as well that everyone else’s inner Sex Gods make their appearance, since they should have been doing so since Yamada and Kosuda’s Christmas Date (at least going by the 4koma).

    I do find it amusing that Kanejou and her brother are helping push things forwards between Yamada and Kosuda though.

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  • Happy says:

    lmao I read the Christmas date story in the manga

    this should be interesting.