Arakawa Under the Bridge #12 — Cell Phone… MAGIC

June 20th, 2010


Proof positive that she’s not Japanese, I guess.


That was… a bit anticlimactic. Instead of Kou confronting his dad as they’ve teased for… the entire show… he shows up, philosophizes with Nino for a little bit, and then watches the antics of the people there and decides to wander off again. Not wearing his pants all the while. I feel like I’m getting mixed messages here. I’m not even sure if the parallelism between his dad getting his pants stolen was intentional, or if Shaft just delt like erasing a few lines off the face instead of doing new animation. And thus the drama that’s been building for the last few weeks is over with hardly a whimper. Ooooookay then.

At least there was a lot of Maria this week. There’s nothing wrong with Maria torturing those who deserve it (and those who don’t) in the slightest. Remember when she had her own OP? That wasn’t even badly sung? It seems like such a long time ago. I wish every episode began with watching her sashay around instead of that badly sung, breathy fish ditty. The shooting star bit at the start was okay too, although seemed just a smidge out of place considering what came both before last week and after this week. I guess all that’s left is a twenty minute montage about life going on.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Haesslich says:

    This shot makes the episode for me.

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  • lvlln says:

    I really did like the Maria OP. Her dancing was great and too short. Wish the full song was released.

    But Venus and Jesus OP is good, too. Though the full single didn’t really add anything to the TV version…