Arakawa Under the Bridge #11 — Have a Fish

June 13th, 2010


Have three.


I couldn’t really get into this episode at all, but I’m not entirely certain why. I think that after the heady thrill of 15 minutes of Yamada, Another Generic Arakawa Episodetm barely has any impact at all. It certainly would have helped if 18 minutes in, they hadn’t reset everything right back to where it was at the start of the episode. If you are going to pretend to have some overtures of a plot, don’t treat the storyboard like an etch-a-sketch and head right back to a blank slate without a second thought.

 There were a few decent jokes, mostly revolving around Nino cramming fish into Kou’s face or everybody getting excited about seeing Takai again, but otherwise, it was just a very generic episode from start to finish, leading up to Kou finally developing enough of a spine to confront his father. For the most part though, this really made it clear that everything is just coasting down to Kou resolving (or at least trying to) his daddy issues, and they’re needed to stretch things out an extra episode or two.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • firecow says:

    Is this series over yet? These past episodes are so boring that it isn’t funny anymore.

    • Pozzy says:

      it was funny to begin with? im missing something here.

      i dont know why i let SHAFT do this to me in the first place though.

  • luka says:

    every season has more or less weird series

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