Arakawa Under the Bridge #10 — Burn, Baby, Burn

June 6th, 2010


Burn that mutha’ down.


Not one of the worst episodes, but after how anticlimactic all the other cliffhangers in this show have been, I can’t really dredge up anything for this particular piece of sustained drama either. Plot and development are about the exact opposite of the few things that this show really excels at. A raging fire lasting half the episode while the cast does schtick around it is perfectly fine. It’s not like anybody from Kou’s ‘normal’ life has been normal at all so far as yet anyway. Drama over the big bad Man doesn’t work when most previous representations has had him sitting in a stroller.

Most of this episode was centered around the Chief and Sister, so it was relatively amusing, but once the bit about Kou’s father/The Man coming to spoil everybody’s fun started, it became easy to zone out. They really need to keep doing new things, like last week’s parody with Stella, instead of just rehashing the same jokes in slightly different situations. I’ve been saying that a lot, but the difference between last week’s episode and this one makes that painfully clear. Everything just slipped back into the predictible formula of Kamiya yelling something, somebody responding strangely, then Kamiya yells again and makes a face. Lather, rinse, repeat. Check for lice.


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