Angel Beats! #10 — German Suplex

June 4th, 2010


I guess when you’re dead, it doesn’t occur to you to practice neck breaking moves on something soft.


Most of this episode was spent on a new character, Otonashi Yuzuru, who is a blithering imbecile at least a step or two below Yui. He looks a lot like some other character you might be thinking of, but that’d be wrong. Either that, or the writing staff decided to completely rewrite his character for this week. Oh right, this is Angel Beats. The writers are high off of whatever’s coming out from Demon King’s room plus their own dubious mixture of peyote, markers, and what I suspect is ground up corn flakes. How does nobody else pick up that there’s anything suspicious about Otonashi’s personality completely changing and him insisting that they keep Yuri out of the loop? Oh well, apparently they’re not sticking with this plotline after this episode anyway.

Your enjoyment of this week’s episode wholly depends on how much you like Yui. She’s okay in small doses, but 20 minutes of her shrill shrieking has left me with the curious feeling that there’s a humming bird trapped inside my ear that will take a power drill to remove. TK stole the show in every moment he was in anyway, and he got a lot of screen time this week. Yui was paralyzed in life, so wanted to do everything she saw on TV… only not really, she just wanted somebody to marry her, and luckily, Hinata was lurking around the corner to promise that he’d marry her and Bob’s your uncle. Poof. The song during that scene was nice at least, even if the drama was as manufactured on the spot as ever. I would have preferred to see Kanade attempt to fulfill that dream for Yui anyway. Now she’d be a bridegroom to remember. At least it wasn’t the OP or an unplugged version of the one other song Yui’s been singing since episode 3.

It is also amusing that they’re apparently already abandoning Otonashi saving people to their ‘deaths’ (still betting on the LB scenario here!) to spawn some random monster running around the school next week.

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25 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yui is also Misuzu’s reincarnation. It all fits!

  • Anonymous says:

    all my rage


  • Kaisos says:

    All of this would be perfectly acceptable if this show was two cours.

    It’s not.


  • sage says:

    I swear to God I’m nuking Japan one of these days…

    …Oh God, the tears, they won’t stop… YUUUIIIIII!!!!!!!!! わ~。°(°´д`°)°。~ん

    • Yue says:

      DAMNIT!!! The moment when the confession began that was probably the time I lost my mind and continously cried until Yui was gone……….

      …….and here I thought for the first few minutes of this episode, “there ain’t no dramafest in this one”.

      Hahahahahahaha, such a persisting emotion to bring in tonight’s sleep.

  • tylon says:

    While I was watching this episode, a word keeps popping up in my mind: “sis-con”

    By the way, are they playing soccer or american football? Noda is the first person to rush in and fails (dies)…

  • kupa says:

    Is it clear that the last scene was a flashback, and not one of Yui’s fantasies? I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I’ve heard it’s ambiguous.

    Also good night sweet princess.

    • Aroduc says:

      I assume it was just sort of a “what if her dream came true” little daydream. It just had the insert playing over it, no actual explanation.

  • VK says:

    Well, one down and thirteen (?) to go in three episodes, if the whole supporting cast dies. Good luck Angel Beats, though I guess it’s probable that they’re abandoning that idea like you suggested.

  • redlupine says:

    I think that by the 4th or 5th person disappearing after spending several days with Otonashi, Yuri will get suspicious

    also how does he plan on getting through to Noda, who hates him, or TK whom none can out funk?

  • Albedo says:

    God damn japan for making give a shit about the shrill, pink-haired, loli, tsundere character. I don’t think I’ve ever felt sympathy toward something I despise so thoroughly until now…

    On a sidenote: Yui has A.B.I. just like the patients I tend to. Crazy stuff.

  • FlameStrike says:

    Gah… well at least she’s happy. It’s sad for some of us viewers since we’ll get no more Yui, but for her as a character it was a good thing. I like these kinds of eps. My ability not think too deeply about the writer and just enjoy the show as it comes helps. It’s no fun if you’re always looking out for Jun’s expected drama and guarding against it.

    The random monster came out of nowhere though. I have a very high tolerance for Angel Beat’s random plot switches, but this was kinda… err what, seriously? Looks like they realized that they don’t have enough eps to end things with Otonashi helping every character so they throw in a random loop to make some kinda of ending.

  • Andy says:

    For the most part,Yui has always been a little cocky and selfish. Her attitude really foreshadowed her explaination about her past life in this episode. Her lack of “fun” and “enjoyment” in her past life has made her into the carefree selfish character she is. Her only source of knowledge of the outside world was the TV; to her, that was the “normal life”. On TV, some popular themes are music, sports, and love & romance. While she did the former two, she was lacking the latter.

    The scene where Hinata hit that home run was a great addition. It foreshadows his involvements with Yui’s departure. As a Yui fan, I found that Hinata’s monologue was perfectly executed, along with the strong impact from the insert song, to give Yui not only the best, but also the happiest and most fulfilling departure.

  • luka says:

    evil otonashi why everyone have to disappear

    • Charnel says:

      Cuz he is an idiot, or wants to get into Tenshi’s pantsu aka the Kanade Route.

      • X says:

        LOL! Hell yea! Otonashi is going for the Kanade route, screw the rest! He wants Kanade for himself in this world so he gets rid of them all!

        Jokes aside, I’m guessing Otonashi really just wants his friends to find peace. Afterall, i think this is the point of that world they are in now. Do they all really wish to remain in that world forever, without finding peace in their past life or moving forward by overcoming their regrets/fulfilling their dreams? I think Otonashi is just trying to help them realize that, and it would be up to them if they still wish to stay in this world, like Otonashi did even after overcoming his regrets.

      • pastey magic says:

        Any man who doesn’t make everyone else leave for tenshi nookie is a damned pansy.

      • Scott says:

        He clearly doesn’t understand the idea of making all the male characters disappear. He can create an afterlife of nothing but attractive high school girls.

  • Nanaya says:

    Hahah, she loses Yuri and directly hands it to him instead of making the whole scene look like a coincidence. Some personalities really aren’t cut out for the whole “subversive plan” thing.

  • Miyako says:

    “Saaaafee” Most random part ever xD

  • Solaris says:

    Yui was the funny char most jokes were related with. This show may become more dramatic without her now. So a forsee daratic turn of events.

    • Albedo says:

      A dramatic turn full of evil after-life monsters and even MORE death. YAY! ^^

  • Rated-E says:

    I’d probably just watch this episode for the German-suplex spot.

  • charizardpal says:

    I think Jun Maeda is Buddhist. This concept of Otonashi as a saint delaying one’s passage to the next live so he can help others, is just like a Buddhist bodhisattva. There are also themes of karma and reincarnation in all of his works including Air.