Shin Koihime Musou OT #08 — Rock, Paper, Scissors… With Boobs

May 20th, 2010


Sadly, they didn’t actually play it, just discussed it.


This actually ended up being a pretty amusing episode in spite of the irritating as hell Nanban troops and their shrill shrieking voices and verbal ticks nya. The stoned one is clearly the best of the four, but they’re all raging lesbians out to grope big breasts and summon dark gods. Something about a bunch of cat girls trying to summon a demon elephant is just what this show needed. Plus, Ryuubi groped herself at least half a dozen times as the episode dragged on. Doesn’t she have a legendary sword? Why is her solution to everything to either get undressed and take a bath or swing her breasts at it? Can’t we at least combine the two?

The episode was surprisingly somewhat almost not really based on the actual Ro3K for once too. They went through Zhuge Liang’s repeated capturing and release of Meng Huo. I’m sure the real Meng Huo wasn’t lured into a net by the promise of Liu Bei swinging his breasts around, but who knows. Chinese warlords were pretty kinky. Bachou and Choun threatened to steal the show at the last moment too thanks to snow madness settling in, but it was honestly a pretty silly episode all around. The only thing that was bad was the whole elephant nonsense and cutting off the right tail. Of all the things to steal from, why Dragonball Z? Why?

And yes, they’re all still deliciously irradiated. It looks like the glow is fading a little bit though. The plutonium must be decaying quickly.


Back home where the cat girls are even smaller.

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