Shin Koihime Musou OT #07 — Make Up Sex

May 13th, 2010


Undertones? Pfft.


Despite my usual Koihime-watching Canadian minion and Columbia stalker abandoning me because they’re weak and need sleep, and leaving me to face the wrath of Koihime Musou alone, I bravely soldered on, buffered only a single random comment from a very confused Russian who thought I was watching Ikkitousen. How multicultural.

Actually though, this was actually pretty amusing, even without playing MST3K with it… at least for the first half. The episode was mostly centered around Kougai (Huang Gai) using Machiavellian scheming in order to get Koukin and Sonsaku to kiss and make up contract some kind of horrible wasting disease by having overly enthusiastic sex in a moldy warehouse. They’re radioactive and can’t breed anyway. Just wait for their uranium breast implants to kill them. I swear, if the characters in this series spent a tenth the energy into conquering their rivals instead of fostering lesbianism across the land, then they would be unstoppable.

Aaaanyway, and rather unfortunately, two things really dragged this episode down. The production was absolutely godawful this week. The show’s never been particularly stellar, but it has its moments every now and then. This episode just had moments where it looked bad and moments where it looked worse. The other lead anchor around the rubber ducky was that the second half of the episode was also mostly one long horrible overly dramatic and cliche bout of idiocy between Koukin and Sonsaku. The first half was also quite a bit stupider than usual, but kind of like Angel Beats, the more it abandons its attempts at shoehorning in a plot or having serious development, the more amusing it tends to be. Shuutai with the cat was adorable, particularly the faceplant into it, and flipping a table is one of the best humor overreactions out there. Bachou and Chouun’s bit was also quite amusing for how brief it was. Too bad they proceeded to suck out all that humor immediately after.




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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Myssa Rei says:

    I hate to imagine just how those honkers of hers are ignoring gravity…

    • Aroduc says:

      It’s the uranium implants. Sure, you lose some elasticity, but the firmness is out of the world.

  • shadow says:

    is really a shoujo with ecchi, really boring
    little girls and ecchi

  • Ninja Penguin says:

    Dynasty Warriors, Ikkitousen, Koihime Musou…Wu seems to be filled with radioactive horny lesbians whatever format they are in.