Night Raid #09 — For King and Zzzzzzz…

May 31st, 2010


Psychic spies? Pfft.


Inertia ahoy. Nothing like taking a timeout from being neck deep in final papers and exams to watch… Aoi whine about his woman and people ramble on about the greater good of the nation. I’ve pretty much given up hope of them doing anything interesting with the psychic angle of this… or the spy angle either for that matter… the only things that I found interesting in the first 4 episodes, but are now all but abandoned. This has pretty much just dissolved to something that even the History Channel would deem too boring to air, but with spies and psychics hanging around, waiting for people tell them about everything else going on. 

They’re not focusing on Aoi’s woman enough for that to be compelling nor presenting the political intrigue stuff as anything more than the dryest of historical lectures imaginable. Then everybody postures about doing the right thing for 5 minutes and I die a little more inside. Maybe if they spent a little more time doing and a lot less time talking about doing, this would be a bit more tolerable. Or if their doing consisted of something other than calling people together and talking. I’m starting to believe that Aoi’s brother’s psychic ability is being a level 5 Beaurocramancer, with a fine control over red tape and the ability to summon donuts at a meeting. Maybe if they all struck poses and giant colored smoke exploded behind them instead… Hmmm……


Sad psychics on fire.

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  • karasu says:

    History Channel actually has some pretty…interesting shows now.