Night Raid #05 — “…”

May 3rd, 2010


This post somehow ends in crotch lasers. Don’t ask me.


What an excellent episode. Why would anybody watch a show about superpowered spies when they could just have 20 minutes of people talking to a character with slightly less emotional depth than Squall? Forget psychics, action, spies, or plot. Let’s have more maudlin melodrama with a character whose most significant line is "…". In fact, the only way that I think they could have made this episode better is if they had a bunch of Japanese girls run out and hold an impromptu concert for the last 5 minutes.

So yes, this episode was terrible, boring, and reeked of only slightly less time and space stretching than last week thanks to having a bunch of naked men in the big finale instead of a cat. The plot went nowhere, Kazura still has the emotional depth of a soggy bagel, and I’m seriously starting to wonder why the hell these people have powers at all. I miss my non-stupid espers. Even Muscle Okama. Especially Muscle Okama. In fact, if I have to look at a bunch of sweaty naked men getting massages, they better damn well be shooting crotch lasers.


We go fishing apparently.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Pozzy says:

    more disappointment…

    first 3 eps were really good too ~_~

  • Malkuth says:

    Mate, I kind of wonder, why do you (for the most part) blog shows that you know that you will hate ?!?!?

  • Koeix says:

    LOLS now this begs the question, do you like ff VIII?