B Cup Sex Maniac #04 — YAMADA EYE

April 22nd, 2010


She makes the naughtiest of naughty santas.


Awwwww. So adorable. But let’s start with the bad. Kosuda was pretty irritating through a lot of the episode. He couldn’t help but slip into 30 second monologues in the middle of every single romantic moment, obliterating the flow of everything. Dammit, Kosuda, you’re better than this. And I’m glad you made up your mind in only thirty seconds to pursue/kiss/grope her, but enough with the damn monologues already. Outside of that, I have practically no complaints about the episode. Yamada managed to work up the courage to headbutt kiss him, and I have no problem with coitus interruptus at makeout point due to perverts taking photographs in the bushes. The sound effects of the other couple having sex on a bench were rather corny though. I think that bench had bedsprings.

Not too many characters really showed up aside from Yamada and Kosuda. Takeshita dispensed some advice and we got a first real look at Chika, Yamada’s sister. It really is interesting that almost every character in the show is in a relationship already, although Chika so far is more of a greedy golddigger than anything else. Regardless, she’s got her older man and is using her cuteness powers to get him to buy stuff. Not exactly a blow for the feminine movement, but it is a good contrast to the other two relationships thus far.

Brief Summary:

After Chika walks in on Yamada screwing around in her imagination, Yamada gets introduced to Chika’s boyfriend. Yamada can’t understand why someone would want to be with Chika over her, but Chika turns up the cuteness to assert her dominance and then later explains that it’s all about the free stuff. At school, Christmas eve is coming. Kosuda gets up the courage to ask Yamada out, but she’s mobbed by other suitors first. Regardless, he asks her if she’s free and she ‘reluctantly’ accepts, and then celebrates once out of sight.

The days pass until the big night arrives. Yamada immediately blow Kosuda away with her glamor, but he’s too shy to hold her hand. She closes her eyes and grabs onto… some stranger and runs off. Reunited at dinner, Yamada tries to use her YAMADA EYE to ensnare him, but hits some random old man instead. That awkwardness passed, Kosuda gives her her Christmas present. Yamada gets fired up and drags him off to the love hotels, but is too nervous to pick one. They reach the end and Kosuda stops her, but hesitates to kiss her. Yamada grabs his head and headbutts him in her violent attempt to kiss, but they manage to kiss anyway. Yamada runs off in embarrassment while Kosuda celebrates. He eventually chases after her, but she rushes into a women’s bathroom to calls Takeshita for advice.

After that, she drags him to lover’s lane in the middle of couples making out. After putting on the moves, she ends up falling into his lap and then forces him to touch her breast, whereupon she (and he) start freaking out about her bra. Right when Kosuda decides to kiss her again and get things rolling, they’re interrupted by a nearby couple having very enthusiastic sex… and all the people in the bushes photographing them. After a moment of internal strife, Yamada and Kosuda flee, traumatized.


Short skirts, battle panties, and Valentines.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nemo_N says:

    “Short skirts, battle panties”
    Er, not exactly:
    (They better use that as the eye-catch next episode).
    I love this show.

  • Benigmatica says:

    So the path of having 100 fuck buddies belongs to Chika? Man, that was harsh for Yamada!

  • Aex says:

    Yamada might be the queen of mixed signals, but Kosuda thinks way too much!! Bad combination… it’ll be another 4 episodes before they get any further at this rate! Well, funny as hell, so it’s okay. Still looking forward to how she’ll deal with actually realizing she’s in love.

    Never would’ve thought Chika was such a player…

    • Joule says:

      I don’t know, we’ve gotten past holding hands, kissing and are already up to groping. I think the show’s made some good progress already.

  • queenie says:

    “Is that what sex looks like?….It’s…beautiful!!!”

    Oh god…Yamada, I could quote you all damn day. ;)

    And how creepy is it that that park is KNOWN for outdoor sex? If that were me, I’d be running in the opposite direction.

  • Gummi says:

    So close…. So close…