B Cup Sex Maniac #03 — Freeze Frame

April 15th, 2010


Thursday morning was a hot flash factor, her face was focused in my mind.♫


I am so so so so glad that they played the whole Mayu thing off for laughs at the start of the episode and then completely dropped it. Well played, Hal. Shove that childhood friend off to the side and make her a confused bisexual. Excellent move. Polite applause. Throw roses. Kobayakawa Kosuda returned to the center of the plot this week with a lot of the focus being on his photography hobby. Yamada had the expected delusions of him going after Mayu at the start, but sadly, no daydreams of herself being under his… lens. One does have to wonder just how thick that Kosuda is to not realize that he’s fondling Yamada’s nipple. What else in a darkroom is at chest height, body temperature, and… you know what… I should probably stop now before I have to really censor myself for content.

It was a bit disappointing that they introduced Kyouka but didn’t actually do anything with her except stating her name and showing that she’s nearly as popular with the guys as Yamada. She has been showing up on the magazines laying around if you’ve been watching carefully, so she’s also a model, but that’s really it. She just stood there and sparkled. The repeated insert songs (complete with show title worked into lyrics) were also a bit corny for my tastes. Come to think of it, they were pretty relentless with the titular puns this episode. Hee hee… titular. I still did really enjoy it, even the bike and dance cliches at the end of each bit. I’m okay with the cliches as the taglines to this stuff so long as they don’t override the relationship comedy fun.

I’ll get to the noitaminA thing after class.

Brief Summary:

Mayu returns a book which segues into a flashback of ‘Kosuda’ protecting her from bullies and becoming her prince. Problem is that it’s the wrong Kosuda… Kazuki. At school, Yamada notices Kosuda with a camera and follows him, expecting all sorts of dirty going-ons with Mayu. After he dissuades her of that, he invites her to go out with him. She leaps on the chance, but the only photos he takes are scenery, boring and annoying her, but she is touched by his devotion. He invites her to help him develop the photos later alone, which she jumps on to jump on him. After getting half-undressed in the dark room, she chickens out and they’re interrupted by a classmate anyway. Yamada knocks out the light and Kosuda accidentally gropes Yamada in the darkness, never realizing what he’s doing. She runs off, ashamed, but kind of happy until he picks her up and gives her a ride home on his bike.

In the second part, Yamada can’t stop thinking about Kosuda touching her and wants to use the haunted house the class is doing for the fair to make another move on him. Unfortunately, Kosuda’s nowhere to be found (in the bathroom) and Yamada almost sticks her tongue down Takeshita’s throat when she can’t track him down. Yamada decides to enter the beauty/popularity contest to attract his attention and narrow beats out Kyouka for the victory. However, at the dance at the end, Kosuda’s nowhere to be found again. He’s sitting with his photos, looking about a picture of Yamada and thinking about her. He finally gets up the courage to ask her to dance with him, but after she happily reacts, she forces him to get in line with the rest. The two eagerly count down their turn to dance together, but the music ends right when it’s their turn to dance. They enjoy themselves anyway.


Christmas already!

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Aex says:

    With all the mixed signals Yamada throws at him, I really can’t blame Kosuda for having no confidence. Telling him to get in line after he finally works up the nerve to ask her to dance, acting like it’s to be expected… wow. She’s not even Tsundere, she’s just… dumb!

    • Aroduc says:

      More importantly, he’s indecisive for about 30 seconds instead of the entire show.

  • Anon999 says:

    If Yamada was male, this show would be on “The perverted protagonist tries to get the girl” cliche. But it’s kind of nice to see the heroine try to overcome her perversions and finding romance with one person, instead having sex with 100 people.

  • Phil Collins says:

    I applaud this show, and your use of J.Geils.