B Cup Sex Maniac #02 — Love is a Battlefield

April 8th, 2010


Overused, but it works.


Another excellent episode, although the first half was definitely a lot stronger than the second. I really don’t like the way they went at the end with Miyano either. Yamada is designed to be completely on the offensive, although she would probably make a pretty compelling mistress as well. I’m surprised that she didn’t try putting the moves on Takeshita’s boyfriend this episode at all either. Or even floating the idea of it. Kosuda barely had anything to do with the episode this week either and may as well have been played by a carrot. At least he did man up at the end of the first half and hug Yamada on his own. By typical romantic comedy standards, they may as well be married now. Yamada’s prospective penis sizes and condom practice for Kosuda was also a bit terrifying. A nail polish bottle? Really?

The second half was still okay though. I just really don’t like Miyano’s entire archetype. A clueless clumsy well meaning moron with a heart of gold that everybody immediately falls in love with. I’m amazed that they didn’t give the role to Noto… not that I’m complaining at all about Noto have a different role than usual here. I just hope that they deal with Myano next week somehow and then boot her to the side. Maybe the C Cup girl will beat her up or give her small pox or something. A man can dream.

Takeshita chews Yamada out for screwing things up with Kosuda. She lends them a helping hand and invites Kosuda and Yamada out to the water park together with her boyfriend as a double date. After some glaring from Yamada, Kosuda accepts.

Back at home, Yamada fantasizes about letting her bikini fall off and giving Yamada an eyeful… although has to fight off the B-Cup. Kosuda also fantasizes about her, but is ruined by his sister walking in bottomless.

At the pool, everybody can’t keep their eyes off Yamada. Kosuda immediately ruins the moment with an… extending camera.

Takeshita introduces them to her boyfriend and tries to think about how to get the other two closer. Kosuda and the boyfriend get along pretty well, to Takeshita’s terror. Yamada’s having trouble staying concentrated.

Takeshita and her boyfriend enjoy themselves like a couple, leaving the other two out in the cold a little bit. Yamada drags Takeshita off to the toilet for some quick tips. Yamada initiates body contact with Kosuda and the two really start enjoying themselves, until Kosuda realizes that she’s dragged him to the top of a giant slide.

He’s terrified and shrieks the entire way down, hugging Yamada in terror… who is thrilled. He’s mortified, but she drags him on it over and over again just to feel him hug her. He eventually collapses and ends up hugging the boyfriend accidentally on the way down. Yamada is stunned by the sudden yaoi development.

Later, it comes out that he was terrified and wasn’t really hugging her out of anything but fear of life and limb. Yamada gets a bit ticked, but then people passing by in yukatas remind them of the fireworks later. That night, the girls show up all dressed up. Kosuda’s speechless, but Yamada’s still ticked and storms off. Takeshita and the boyfriend send Kosuda after her.

She’s still moping about it when Kosuda hugs her from behind and tells her that he’s no afraid right now. Yamada smiles and tells him that she’s happy and they watch the fireworks together.

The next day at the WcDonald’s, Yamada celebrates the step forward and wants to drag Takeshita out condom shopping. She’s… uh… overwhelmed by the choices.

Kosuda’s hanging out with a friend and trying to figure out for himself what Yamada is.

At home, Yamada is trying to figure out condoms. She has a number of props to try out for Kosuda’s size.

At school, Yamada drags Takeshita into the toilet again for condom discussion. Takeshita’s not being helpful for her at all. 

Yamada delivers a critical hit right from the start with an affectionate greeting. She then bides her time during class, but sees Kosuda talking to a girl in the halls. She even gives him cookies. Badly made cookies. "DOJIKKO MEGANE!?" Yamada is further obliterated by the girl’s breast size.

Yamada goes running off to Takeshita for advice again. Takeshita tells her to man up and just talk to him about it. When she sees the girl though, she realizes the danger for Yamada too.  

Back at home, Yamada and Takeshita wonder if there’s something up with them, and why Kosuda would have gone to the pool with Yamada otherwise. Yamada’s scared to find out though, so wants to go in disguise. Takeshita tells her to not run away, etc etc.

They go on over to Kosuda’s house and see the girl bringing food over. Her entire family joins her and they have a BBQ in the backyard. Yamada and Takeshita are found out by Kosuda’s sister. Yamada’s mad because she didn’t know about Kosuda’s "girlfriend." It turns out they live next door. Yamada is crushed by the childhood friend angle. 

As they watch Kosuda and Miyano together, Miyano trips over herself. Kosuda gets along with her, although has never noticed her feelings for him.

After the girls abandon the scene, they discuss Yamada as the evil seductress against the pure girl. There might even be a childhood promise involved too. Yamada remains depressed later and starts hammering a voodoo doll. 

At school later, Yamada still doesn’t know what to do. She gives Takeshita her bag and runs off to declare war on Miyano and subjugate her. After tracking her down, Yamada moves in to bully her, but a breast bounce knocks Yamada onto her ass literally and knocks Mayu’s glasses off. Miyano’s completely blind. Glasses restored, Miyano recognizes Yamada and brings up Kosuda and asks about him.

Miyano completely misunderstands it and thinks that Yamada’s all about helping her out with Kosuda and being her friend. Since Yamada can’t resist those doe eyes, she agrees to it. Takeshita and I both facepalm.


School festival and C Cup.

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14 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    Condoms. The bane of every young male who wants to build a harem.

  • marvelous stan says:

    What the hell. Anime where people openly discuss sex instead of dancing around it constantly for the entire series to no gain whatsoever?

    • Nanaya says:

      Like there will be any sex in this series anyway. THAT would sorta surprise me, but it’ll probably still end in zero gain, and I still can’t bring myself to finish the first episode.

      • Aroduc says:

        Yamada would probably be traumatized by it anyway. They’re still already to hugging and going on dates at least. That’s more than most ‘romantic’ anime couples get after 26 episodes.

      • Aex says:

        Of course there won’t be any sex. Yamada’s just gonna end up realizing she’s in love with Kosuda, have a mental break-down when she realizes that she can’t have love and 100 sex partners at the same time, her head will explode, she’ll choose love, and that will be that. Probably a bit of perverted drama in the middle there, but that’s where my money is.

      • Pozzy says:

        i cant help but agree with Aex. you must have worked with the writers to be able to provide such a detailed description of their upcoming works.

        the real question… on the last episode where she comes to said profound realization and chooses love… are we going to get the sex scene or is it going to be something like the first kiss where she would, yet again at that point, have a mental breakdown.

      • Aroduc says:

        The world’s not ready to hear Yukari Tamura’s sexual moans anyway.

      • Nanaya says:

        You have no idea how much that made me laugh. One of the main reasons I couldn’t finish the first ep was because I tried to imagine that voice in a sex scene in this show. No. Just… no.

      • Azure says:

        “The world’s not ready to hear Yukari Tamura’s sexual moans anyway.”

        Fairly certain she’s been in at least one H-game by now, but I could be wrong.

  • Travis says:

    Okay, this is a bit tangential, even for me – but can someone explain the reoccuring theme/fetish of cup size? It seems like it keeps cropping up to the point of becoming an overused running gag or something. Maybe it’s a similar hate to the pe swimsuit thing, or maybe it’s just the fact that clumsy glasses girl pisses me off for reasons I cannot describe. It is a mystery.

  • queenie says:

    The whole condom scene and Yamada trying to figure out his size made me laugh to no end. How many teenagers have fallen into that trap? XD

    I’m still hoping that the show will jump out the dark horse and give us a sex scene (fluffycore porn, but still) just because it can. I will have mad props if they do do that.