Ladies vs Butlers! #10 — Love is GUTS

March 9th, 2010


If only any characters in this show had any.


Meh. This episode was pretty much a rehash of the last Daiichi episode with an overly healthy sprinkling of angst on top. Daiichi gets a love letter, so of course the entire school starts talking about it, but just about kissing around Tomomi and just about dates around Drillhead, sending both into a spiral of pissiness. A few standard jokes about teaching Daiichi about the birds and the bees, being told to be yourself, she realizes she likes Hino, and Bob’s your uncle. Not that I expect much from this show, but a rehash episode like this in the middle of them trying to develop some form of ending… like I said, meh.

I kept hoping for the surprise twist that the bishi had written the letter… or the real surprise twist that Hino had written the letter, but no. If you’ve seen one of these episodes, you’ve seen all of them. Some random girl appears, says that she can see that whoever clearly loves someone else, wanders off again. Dramatic it is not. I’m just really really hoping that they don’t decide to have Selnia and Tomomi compete for Hino at this athletics festival apparently happening next week. That would… be painful.


And now for something completely different.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:


    Sarcasm~O~meter. ^_^

    Daiichi ending? never going to happen in million years.

  • Shard says:

    Oh, the cruel fate of a minor character. Looking forward to next week just to see how the hell they can wrap this up.

    • Yue says:

      Not that much cruel compared to Ami’s and Minorin’s fate in Toradora. Daiichi shares bedspace with Hino and you know how circumstances tend to *ahem* happen in this show.

      Hino’s peripheral vision inside bathrooms is limited to face level plus blind spots the size of apples. ^o^

      • Shard says:

        What I got from this episode after watching it again is that Daichi values their friendship and doesn’t like him like that, per se… but then again, harem anime is a harem anime.

        Also, Mr. Bishounen was pretty unfunny in this episode. We need more moments like that fake censorship in one of the first episodes.