Ladies vs Butlers! #09 — Hot Steaming Frosted Buns

March 2nd, 2010


I question if that movie was actually suitable for minors.


After the rather nice Drill episode last week, this was a pretty big letdown. Tomomi didn’t really do anything except drag Hino around while still mostly threatening him and calling him a woman. If anything, I’m even less sympathetic to her now, and I had absolutely no sympathy for her in the first place. She’s good for some laughs, but the whole "I torture him incessantly and push him at other women because I love him" thing doesn’t work for me in the slightest. Maybe if she didn’t start threatening and growling him at the slightest moment of displeasure, I’d be more comfortable with calling Hino thick, but when she ends her perfect little date with "Hey, remember that time I convinced you to call yourself a bride and traumatized you in front of all your friends," she gets nothing from me.

The rest was about as formulaic as it comes as well. Drillbrain runs into every single other member of the cast while stalking the pair. The only particularly surprising things about this episode were Selnia’s mad DDR skillzz, and Tomomi’s apparent breast implants over the summer. Recall the last time that they decided to give us a full frontal view of her, they were tiny and practically sitting on her stomach. Well, it’s an improvement over those scary scary misshapen beasts from another dimension, so at least they got it sort of less creepy the second time around.


Love is war.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • dood says:

    So what is the NPS(nipples per second on this epsiode ? XD

  • Azure says:

    Man, the only thing that could possibly save this snorefest would be the inclusion of our old pal and rich-girl molester General Major Webaloo Stubbins…

    By the by Aroduc, what’s your opinion on the new Aya Shameimaru game?

  • Shard says:

    Oh LvB, this could have been so much better. Now quality has been replaced by tasteless fanservice again!

    If the next episode isn’t more like ep. 8, Railgun might actually seem better for a few seconds. Scary.

  • queenie says:

    Bah. I’m now fully on the Sernia train. Tomomi didn’t even make the date funny like I hoped she would. I had more fun watching everyone else than her.

    Either she got breast implants or found miracle milk to make those double A’s grow.

    And it is kinda shitty that she doesn’t take any responsibility for putting the whole ‘bride’ thing in Hino’s head. Hence why there’s no way that there’ll be a Tomomi/Hino ending.


  • MumMum says:

    Eh, I liked this eps.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think her boobs are about the same (and sometimes bigger) throughout the series’ time span

    compare this episode

    to the first one

    here’s more insurance