KIDDY GiRL-AND #21 — Automoronic Asphyxiation

March 4th, 2010


I’m really tired of these radioactive kisses now.


So now Q’s timestop ability requires shooting beams? They’re not even being consistent with their poorly defined powers. Or bothering to animate these ‘action’ scenes either. At least Q tried to immediately crush Ascouer’s head the moment she had a chance. Stupid Dia. Everybody wins with that shrieking harpy dead. At the very least, it would have spared us 15 minutes of shrieking about who’s the real sister and for Q to remember. And of course, people can only remember things when they’re kissed and start glowing. The most painful part by far was when Ascouer started crying and all the bad guys just all went "Man, we feel really bad for her" and stopped restraining her. Luckily, the bad writing kicked in at that point and Ascouer conveniently fainted for the 20 seconds that Tuxedo Mask needed to swoop in for the flashback kiss.

So, anyway, Tuxedo Mask has been crazy as a march hare from the very first time he met Ascouer. It took him all of a couple minutes to try to strangle her and then she used her own magic kiss to destroy an entire space station. Likewise, it makes perfect sense to execute Q right in front of Ascouer all of 5 seconds after Ascouer got her memory back. I mean, of course now that she remembers that you tried to strangle her, Ascouer’s going to be all about joining Team Crazy, to say nothing of immediately the brainwashed timestop girl because… you know… whatever. Why have your cake and eat it too when you think you might have a chance with the box of cheerios that you knew for a couple hours when you were young and tried to strangle.

Have I mentioned the strangulation yet?

Anyway, even if you ignore the fact that the entire second half of this episode was ????, Glowing Magic Kiss, ????, Glowing Magic Kiss, ?????, Glowing Magic Kiss, then this episode was a lot better than the last few, but it’s hard to overcome the inertia of stupidity that they’ve built up in the end here.


I like how the preview is all shots of the baddies looking surprised, plus pictures of feet.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:

    The real meaning and every non-liberal concept of a kiss has been destroyed by this show. Not much value buying Dvds except for the first few episodes. >_<

  • EDU says:


    Lesbian power??

  • Nick says:

    so is this a yuri or not?