Himari: Final Battle PV

March 5th, 2010

Am I a bad person for laughing when Himari got flattened by a bus? Probably. Probably. The new footage starts about a minute in. I’m still not sure what’s up with these random PVs, but heh… bus smash.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Harbin says:

    Either ZEXCS is trying to tempt us, or they’re trying to make up to the viewers for the lack of a real preview…

  • Rei says:

    Pretty entertaining. I have to catch up with this now to prepare for bus ownage.

  • Anonymous says:

    No, you actually are a bad person for laughing at that. WHY MUST YOU HATE?!

  • Rawr says:

    Why in the hell is this harem show better choreographed than action shows which seemingly make tons of still frame use?

  • Jack Damn says:

    The nippless boobs in this show disturbs me greatly.