Chu-Bra!! #09 — The Green Monster

March 1st, 2010


And back to lesbian overtones we go.


Meh. This was a pretty lame episode that returned focus back to Haruka and Yako. One is developing a crush on someone, and the other has a little spat with her male friend, which was pretty much just a rehash of Komachi and Nayu’s relationship, only condensed down to about four minutes and nobody hit anybody else with a shoe. I don’t really like how they’re presenting Haruka’s crush much either. I’m putting at least even odds on the ‘surprise’ twist that it’s on Nayu, not Komachi. She only gets bothered when she sees the two of them talking, and is more curious than anything else when Kiyono drapes herself all over him. It just felt a lot like they tried to pair off every single character this episode.

I also don’t like what they did with Kiyono this episode. She’s always been pretty subdued around Komachi but she cranked the teasing and generally uppitiness to maximum this week. It makes a little sense if she believes that Haruka’s crush is on Nayu instead of Komachi, but that doesn’t seem like a logical conclusion she’d reach off of a couple gazes. At least Komachi was a little amusing with his ninja advice routine, but that was pretty much the only high point of this episode. Well… perhaps Mizuno’s constant sex daydreams too. That woman desperately needs to get some.

Ah yes, and Keigo’s being transferred to a new job elsewhere, so I’m guessing that’s going to be the big drama for the end of this show. Oh boy.


Komachi awakens.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • joao says:

    I love mudkips

  • queenie says:

    “My hands will be your bra.”
    Jeez…Mizuno’s either got a vivid imagination or some serious potential to write fanfiction in the near future.

    And the Komachi/Nayu pairing is pretty cute, you have to admit. ninja!Komachi was pretty hilarious too.

  • Anon says:

    “It looks like they’re moving onto recruiting the guy into their little underwear harem next week. I’m not really sure how that works, but if it ends with him in a bra, then I think I have to stick with this one. What does that say about me?”

    Looking at the preview, looks like you will get what you wanted.