Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OVA #02 — DAED or Alive

February 21st, 2010


It’s entirely too late at night for me to be creative.

*Shrug* Better late than never. Although it didn’t even show up on the normal streams until yesterday anyway.


I think my patience with this series has just about run dry. Yes, Shaft, we know you can make very interesting and strangely directed opening sequences. It would be stellar if you would spend a tenth of that creativity in animating the episodes themselves. Where did all the creativity from season 2 go? Washed away on the wings of "Shaft stopped caring" apparently. It really doesn’t help that it feels like they’ve completely run out of jokes either. I swear that this is at least the fourth or fifth time they’ve devoted a segment to "people say one thing, but mean something else" with the exact same formula every single time. Didn’t they pay Horie Yui to speak like, 5 lines for this season? Let’s see those characters instead of the 18th repetition the exact same Kafuka and Chiri reaction to words not matching meaning. While we’re on the subject of missing students, what ever happened to Kanako for that matter? At least they remembered Chie for perhaps the second time in the extended 3rd season.

Anyway, the first part was a rather bad pun on AED (CPR), by adding Dame (don’t) to make DAED, for things that have lived beyond their natural life, Okusa ran around abusing the DAED machine on various things before accidentally inciting a zombie riot. The second part was about getting ‘swept away,’ and I couldn’t help thinking while they’re SWEPT AWAY on an ISLAND about a certain show with that exact title. It was a little odd that they never pointed that out. The only really interesting thing there was that Chiri is immune to it because she’s a social nutjob. The final part was yet another riff on doublespeak (well, mincing words to be exact), some parts about adding a ‘softer’ meaning to certain things, some parts adding subtitles clarifying what people really mean. Sort of. For a given level of ‘really.’

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  • Celestial says:

    hitomi powa up

  • dood says:

    After much time SZS has come to a repeting format, and it stopped being funny.

  • Lero says:

    The video is not longer online.