Ladies vs Butlers! #07 — “Excuse Me While I Masturbate”

February 16th, 2010


Well, that’s a new standard for conversation stoppers.


Another mediocre episode at best (aren’t they all?). A lot of that could be that I really can’t stand Pina’s accent noja! Give it a rest, you freak. Or at least enunciate your damn words correctly. It was also an extremely formulaic episode, even by this show’s standards. Scarface encounters some new girl, Tomomi convinces him that he needs to cozy up to her, random fanservice follows. The whole Drillhead backing out and then coming back in all of two minutes later after Scarbrain said please really loud certainly didn’t helpthe whole bit not feel moronically stretched out either. At least she’s still pretty cute in her transparent crush on him.

Speaking of appearances, those summer uniforms are ugly. Tomomi’s also apparently decided to start using a massively padded bra, or the artists forgot her bust size… again. I really wouldn’t be surprised in either case. I’m amazed that they managed to go a full episode with all the girls in white shirts and never have it devolve into a wet t-shirt contest. That’s okay, they’re going to the beach next week. Another generic episode ahoy!



Putting $20 on at least one of them showing up in pasties.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    The life of a butler isn’t all consensual intercourses. Apparently.

  • Gin says:

    The summer uniforms this season are terrible.
    I’ll take that bet, Aroduc.

  • TOP2NE1 says:

    I think the highlight was when that one butler started reading the cosplay book.

  • Sam says:

    Why do you even watch this Aroduc.

    • Aroduc says:

      Because I don’t have class on Tuesdays.

      • Daichiko says:

        I’m wondering why you even watch anime at all. You seem to slam or pretty much find a fault with everything.

        • Aroduc says:

          Oh… Oh my god. You’re right. I’m not a slobbering fanboy of the medium, and I only praise the aspects of a show are truly worthy of it.

          I… I must fix this at once!

          Thank you and god bless!

  • karry says:

    Onushi didnt like this episode gozaru ja ?

  • woo says:

    Maybe I don’t know enough about the fanservice genre, but this show entertains me in a way fanservice isn’t meant to. It’s so ridiculous and outrageous it’s funny. I could go on but I don’t care so much to write it all out. But I guess it’s different for someone who watches these kinds of shows all the time. Just saying that someone out there likes this show for something other than the boobs.