KIDDY GiRL-AND #20 — Nothing to See Here…

February 25th, 2010


Move along, move along…


Well, on the upside, 80% of this episode wasn’t painfully inane. Don’t get too excited, because it was shameless time filler. Q sort of half regains her memory thanks to Letuechie blurting it all out before they wipe it away again. And that’s the first 12 minutes of the episode. Whoopie! What follows after that is about five minutes of pep talks for Ascouer on the importance of being Earnest until she goes flying off alone into the enemy stronghold, somehow managing to take out a significant chunk of an entire battalion before getting dumped right in front of Q and Tuxedo Mask. How convenient!

I can’t wait to see whatever inane way Ascouer escapes from Tuxedo Mask this time. I’m putting even odds on a crippling amnesia migraine being involved. The entire bloody cast apparently suffers from them. I just hope they cut out this Q brainwashing crap already. We’re already onto the what, fourth time she’s been brainwiped? I’m not sure how much more of that schtick I can stand. Meanwhile, we still really have no idea what Tuxedo Mask’s evil plan is. So far we have "Take over the galaxy (accomplished), torture sister until she loves you, ?????, PROFIT." Actually, we don’t even have the profit part. I could accept that he’s crazy, but since about 80% of his lines in the last 8 episodes have been "You are my sister," or "Come with me," that barely qualifies him as a Sith nanny.

I’ve got class in a little bit. Stupid Head and the Magic Wolves will have to wait until this evening.



Oh good, the same flashback they just showed us two minutes prior.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Travis says:

    So. I was playing system shock the other day – and even though the controls are still as weird as other, they’re actually pretty intuitive if you’ve played the game before. Anyway, the levels, the creepiness, SHODAN = classic.

    How the sweet mother of coffee does this tie in to K-G? I was blown away by how good the plot and pacing was in System Shock. Not so much Kiddy Girl.

    • Shiroi Hane says:

      System Shock is still an excellent game (a movie would be nice, although it absolutely must include Terri Brosius and preferably also whoever voiced Rebecca Lansing). Last time I tried to play it though I could not get my fries salted, which is a pity since the first two times around were on an underpowered machine with lousy FM synthesis.

      • Travis says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more about the movie idea, especially about including the awe-inspiring Wunderkind that is Terri Brosius. I actually still have an old (ancient?) 95 box that I keep to play most of my DOS games; sorry ya couldn’t get SS to work. Someone made a free package on the net somewhere that’s supposedly easier to use on modern machines but I haven’t looked into it yet.

        I don’t know who voiced Lansing – it’d be interesting to see what format Shock could take to the big screen. Animated, CGI, live action… Somehow, I feel like it’d have to be medium-blending. Especially for the Cyberspace segments, which blew me away as a kid.

      • Shiroi Hane says:

        Oh, it was a old Pentium I saved especially for old games, but I didn’t have any DOS disks so was stuck with the Win95 version of DOS which lacks useful things like memmaker.
        I also spent a long time getting the thing working in the first place, didn’t have anywhere to put it other than my bed and it got put away and never taken out again. Someday I will try again – I have a nice (really expensive for the time) wavetable sound card that wouldn’t work in DOS on my old 486; I did get the drivers loaded on the Pentium but the extra memory they took up may be why my fries were unsalted.