Guardian Charm Himari #08 — Love Love Ques

February 24th, 2010


Is that organized under Love Love or Ques?


Have I mentioned how hard it is to write about this show yet? At least Railgun and Kiddy Girl give me infinite number of things to mock. This is consistently (and boringly) competent and I’ve already driven the "Yuuto and Rinko are completely useless" jokes into the ground at least a few times over. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying it, it’s just increasingly hard to think of anything entertaining to say about it. Maybe if the show had more weapon vomitting spirits… or just removed Yuuto from the picture entirely and the harem revolved around Himari instead. Hmmm… Ques and Himari, eh…

Anyway, this week was pretty evenly split between Himari and the provisional end of Ques’ stuff. Himari drugged up to go super horny cat IV on Yuuto’s ass, while on the B side, Yuuto turned down Ques, resulting in her attacking him to awaken his power. That resulted in him remembering that he was the one all gung-ho about being a demon hunter etc etc etc kiss and make up and into the harem you go. At least this is hopefully the last of the amnesia fueled stuff, although I can’t say that I’m terribly angry with how they’ve been handling it so far since it’s all been remembered within an episode of introduction.

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