The Idiot, Test, and Summoned Beast #01 — Random Encounter

January 6th, 2010


Delicious chibi quasi-sprites.

First Episode Disclaimer:

I watch the first episodes of almost everything. Premises mean nothing, it’s all in the execution, and there’s no substitute for checking that out for yourself. This does mean that I watch a rather lot of first episodes that I don’t particularly like. Feel free to share your own opinion if you disagree.


Wow. Is this really Silver Link? I suppose my prediction of it being more Shaftish (by the staff… the nice and Shinbo-free Shaft) was more dead on than I thought. This show looks great. It’s very well animated all around, I’m really liking the art style (although it does remind me a lot of JCStaff’s watercolors), and while the battles are a little 16-bit RPGish, my unnatural obsession with chibi sprites is well documented, so I’m certainly not complaining. They’ve got cash to throw around here and it shows. There’s barely a dull moment, or lame pan over faces, or any of the horrible cheap animation tricks that seem to plague series these days. Hell, the foregrounds even look better than the backgrounds for once. It’s… almost shocking.

The episode did feel like it lost a lot of momentum in the middle of the whole battle against the other class. The comedy all but disappeared for a few minutes and the reveal of genius Himeji Pinky was waaaaay too drawn out, but overall, they managed to keep all the exposition relatively interesting… and there was a rather lot of it, so it deserves a lot of credit for that. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you actually give visual representations of stuff instead of just droning on about it. I’m not really sold on the characters yet though. Himeji Pinky’s a tad annoying and sounds like she’s been heavily medicated, and Yoshii’s cut out of the same cloth as eighty thousand other protagonists. I rather like Yuuji so far, and Minami Kitehead’s not bad either. Ponytail tomboys are probably also a weakness… and chibi sprite ponytailed tomboys… swoon.

Pretty much like I said for Himari though, there’s not a whole ton to watch on Wednesdays to begin with, but this is a nice little light comedy that I would have definitely picked up anyway and I’m expecting it to be quite fun to follow. It’s just hard to believe that the same studio that made Tayutama put this together. The difference is like night and day.

Youtube’s blocking the OP. You can pick it up here if you want to watch it.


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22 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Buddy says:

    I like how Hideyoshi had a drawn out transformation sequence.

  • Anon999 says:

    Seriously, they really need to lay off the moe sauce. It’s making me sick.

  • Moogy says:

    Getting kind of a Macademi vibe from this one, though I haven’t watched it yet due to a lack of decent raws.

    I’m really quite surprised that the production values are so high, though; Tayutama ranged from mediocre to plain bad.

    Ooshima Miwa’s designs are awesome, so I’m glad they’re getting the production they deserve. This one’s probably topping my interest level at the moment.

  • Lero says:
    Its Sunohara new job after Clannad – Afterlife story.

    BTW… OMG!
    Its a trap! run away!!

    • Yue says:

      No way!!? That’s a girl isn’t she? WOAH!! Please don’t be a trap! Hu hu hu hu hu… >_<

      • wilson191 says:

        It’s a big trap….reality sucks…..XD

      • Yue says:

        The concept of traps kinda defeats the purpose of having beautiful thoughts and the progression of the natural flow that occurs between opposite genders.

        I have yet to find any comedy anime show that succeeds in delivering a very effective punchline or joke pertaining to deceitful gender identity.

        Although, I have a lingering feeling that somehow this information could be a spoiler. Am I right or is this crisis pretty much got covered in episode one straight-up?

  • Rawr says:

    Japanese protagonists can be summed up into three categories: Genius, Commoner, Idiot. Further more, you can mix it up by giving them different combat power levels and physique. Genius = Weak. Commoner = Normal. Idiot = Strong. It’s weird how it works, but idiots are usually physically tougher. When they mix it up to give bronze and brains to a protagonist, that’s usually when we start giving them the thumbs up. Normally, the japanese go for the other two in hopes of getting more people to relate though. Americans almost always go for the alpha male though.

  • Anise Punter says:

    It’s a trap indeed.

  • Tylon says:

    I recognise that transformation scene. Takamachi Nanoha?
    The assembling weapon. The glowing orb on her/his hand. That posture. The transformation ended with a ribbon scene.

  • Xgen says:

    I just watched the first episode of this and it seems really interesting. Its funny, light hearted and doesnt take itself too seriously.

    Deffinitely on my watch list.

  • Rei says:

    Heavily impressed with this episode. One of the best firsties out of the lot so far. Loved the animation, it’s so WOW. LOL’ed @ Hideyoshi’s transformation scene.

  • […] as a note about the screenies in this post (all of which were shamelessly stolen from Tenka Seiha) because of this show’s setting and designs, screenshots probably won’t do justice to […]

  • Blueblazer says:

    I LOVE cross-dresser characters!They always give the show some fun^(=_=^)

  • Jack Damn says:

    This show is better than me.

  • The Phantom says:

    I watched this anime waiting nothing different of a lame comedy show, but woa I was mistaken, this shows rocks Yuuji and Minami made me laugh big time during a big part of this episode, those jokes about the flat minami were hilarious, and the fatality scene that followed was golden, definitely following this show from now on

  • KUMAAAAA says:

    man…. < you must see about Hideyoshi’s sex

  • zwei says:

    im surprised. i thought at first this is a typical school anime with one lame male lead with 10 girls swooning over him. but instead there are a few guys with girls to pair them up with. i think. and a character like yuji, the machoist dominant type is normally just a supporting character but he plays a big role in this series. and instead of girls hogging the screen all the time, the guys get more screens in the ending. the anime industry musn’t forget us girls as well.

  • sage says:

    the anime industry musn’t forget us girls as well.

    1. There are no girls on the Internet.
    2. Who needs girls when we have traps like Hideyoshi?

    (I’m kidding, of course :shifty eyes:)

  • whalegator says: